(Free Workshop) Automating Cloud Security for AWS, GCP & Azure

  • We are looking for highly technical talks (demonstrations,code-level examples..etc are always welcome)
  • The CXO track can have some high level strategic talks which can include Real Case Studies

Don’t Forget The Deadline For Submission Is 30th June

Cybersecurity Reference Architecture Design

Top 10 Security Predictions for 2018

Top 10 Security Predictions for 2018



*Special Discount May Be Available For Pre-Registrants & Past Event Attendees (Email invite only). All Prices exclusive of taxes

About Speaker : Currently CTO at FireCompass. He has multiple patents in IT Security and has discovered multiple well known Zero Day vulnerabilities which are listed in CVE. He’s an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur. He’s well-known in the security community and has published several exploits and advisories for the first time in the world

1. Immutable Infrastructure – Fundamentals, Immutable Servers, Semi-Immutable Servers, Phoenix Servers etc.

2. Advantages & Drawbacks Of Immutable Infrastructure

3. How To Implement ? Immutable Containers

4. Demo. Tools & Technologies

5. Serverless Architecture

AGENDA (1/2 Day Workshop)

Anant Shrivastava is a well known security expert know for his Blackhat Trainings. He is a contributor to Null-the open security community.

Specialties: Application security, application development, systems & server admins & more


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