Blockchain, Decentralization and Retail Innovator Shopin CEO Eran Eyal, Delivers 2019 Q2 update to participants.

Shopin’s Eran Eyal covers some of the highlights of the past year ranging from success with retailers, branded tokens to the Retail Intelligence Data Engine. It’s been a powerful year. We’re blessed with a talented team, approval from retailers, testimonials and multiple product launches. We’ve got some more great news coming in the next few weeks.”

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2019 / — Shopin continues to make strides with its products to decentralize the purchase data and technological advantages of retail giants, and to bring consumers closer to controlling their data.

Eran Eyal, CEO and founder of Shopin, recounts: “It’s been a year filled with challenges and opportunities to rise beyond our original path to execution as well as mature our team… and thus our mindset and go-to-market strategies.”

Eyal goes on to list some of the headliner moments of the past year since last year’s TGE:

Shopin saved Japanese participants over $5MM through a token swap. When the team learned that one of the syndicates had their personal wallet hacked, leading to the theft of over 10% of the distributed tokens, they saw that over 3,000 supporters of Shopin’s vision would lose their funds. As a result, Shopin did a token swap, with the help of their partner BlockWell, to bring justice and integrity to a challenging situation (1-9)

Shopin elevated its team with a new CTO, Georgi Gospodinov, PhD. Gospodinov (professor of mathematics) left his fast-track career at Walmart, (10-12) where he served as Director of Insights and Analytics and was responsible for innovations and patents in artificial intelligence and blockchain. He joined in late 2018 and immediately drove innovation in all technological verticals ranging from Shopin’s unique approach to marrying Visual Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to creating the Retail Intelligence Data Engine. (13-38)

We were joined by advisors Mark Plaskow, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expert, and Professor Richard Linares from MIT.(39-54) Beyond serving as technical advisors, Mark and Richard work daily on Shopin’s Visual A.I. and NLP engines.

Shopin released the Retail Intelligence Data Engine (R.I.D.E.) and secured two provisional global patents for the approach and system: One for the type of data and methods to derive insights, and a second patent for how we use our Visual Artificial Intelligence to refine the universal SKU catalogue (identifying duplicate and similar items, even if their details were changed or omitted). R.I.D.E. is a recommendation and actionable insights engine which decentralizes the purchase data insights of industry’s top retailers, including Amazon, eBay, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Michael Kors, Coach and thousands of smaller brands. Shopin has a proprietary method for accessing the purchase data inferences of major online retailers in order to provide the kind of unique insights which power Amazon’s recommendation and analytics engines (and gives them the data necessary to spin up successful competitive LLCs that compete with retailers). Today R.I.D.E. incorporates 3.5Bn purchase data transactions, over 30MM cooccurrences between SKUs, over 12MM SKUs, and tracks over 80,000 brands. (55-78)

Shopin partners with Blockwell to release a live demo of effortless branded token creation for the world of retail. Shopin’s new swapped token can teach the world of retail new tricks. Retailers can purchase Shopin tokens, which they can brand as their own tokens to reward shoppers for loyalty and acting on ads or content. Shopin released a live demo on the Rinkeby network which anyone can test at the link provided above. (79-91)

In Q2, The Lead (Retail Thoughtleader) and The Robin Report, announced the Leading 100 list for 2019 with Shopin awarded “Moonshot of the Year”. Noah Gellman, CEO, and founder of The Lead, elaborates: “Moonshot of The Year is reserved for the early stage company that we believe will be the highest growth company with the most impact across the industry.” (92-103)

In recent news, Shopin has been accepted into the IEEE to lead the working group setting the standards for decentralized identity. Shopin CEO Eran Eyal shares: “It’s a massive privilege to lead the formation of the global standards for decentralized identity, which we’re so incredibly passionate about. There are only about 250 corporate members such as Samsung, Sony, Apple, Google. We’re humbled to be in that kind of company at the IEEE pushing this fundamental human right and key requirement for the next generation of retail.” (103-117)

Recently Eran Eyal and Lane Campbell returned triumphant from GDS Summit with several of the Fortune 100 retailers such as Macy’s, Coach, Michael Kors, Ascena Brands, Finish Line, Halston Heritage, Millys, and eBay ranking Shopin either 9 or 10 out of 10 for R.I.D.E. and our vision of a universal shopper profile for retail. We’re in discussions with the retailers to move to pilots.

In the next 2 months, Shopin will be revealing some key insights, including:

The new patent pending ShopChain architecture and whitepaper
R.I.D.E. growth figures
An update on the R.I.D.E. Backbone architecture, which incorporates Shopin’s proprietary Visual Artificial Intelligence and NLP engines
More validation from major retailers
New advisors and team members

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About Shopin:

Shopin is a universal shopper profile, built on the blockchain and powered by our proprietary artificial intelligence tools, which delivers shoppers the most personal experience in every site and app, as well as in-store, by working with retailers to give shoppers control of their purchase data.

When shoppers own the best of their data, we can enable retailers to advertise directly to the shopper, who gets 85% of the ad revenue to spend back in the world of retail through the Shopin and branded tokens.

Recently Shopin launched the Retail Intelligence Data Engine which leverages more than 3.5 billion purchase data transactions, 30 million SKU connections and 71,000 brands, to democratize and decentralize the forecasting and recommendation power of ecomm giants to the rest of the retail economy.

Shopin is the winner of BTC Miami (North American Bitcoin Conference), CoinAgenda Global and Bitcoinference 2018. The Lead named Shopin as retail’s “Moonshot of the Year” in the Leading 100.

Our mission is to transform the retail web into a decentralized Amazon-like model through our proprietary artificial intelligence tools and blockchain approach. We are driven to ensure that timeless brands have the opportunity and tools to remain timeless.

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