AptoZen Launches New Hiring as a Service (HaaS) to Help Organizations Bring Talent Acquisition to the Cloud


AptoZen today announced its release of enhanced cloud-based hiring services to help companies find the right talent quickly and build teams on the fly. The new service, called HaaS (Hiring as a Service), enhances AptoZen’s existing data service of Sourcing and Matching to make hiring less error-prone, inexpensive and successful for the longer-term.

As employees are the lifeblood of innovation and growth, hiring is one of the most significant tasks for any company to undertake, and it is done at considerable cost and time. Based on AptoZen’s recent research of 418 organizations, 71.8% said it is “moderately difficult” or “extremely difficult” to find qualified candidates for open positions. Despite rigorous interviews and assessment tests, it is difficult to answer whether the new employee will ultimately work out or not.

With so much technology available to companies, talent acquisition has become more complicated: job boards, employee referrals, applicant tracking systems, social media, personality testing platforms, complex HR systems, conflicting data, etc. It takes considerable time, cost and effort to hire and companies still heavily rely on their “gut feel” to make a hire. AptoZen HaaS uses robust data models to replace this complexity, from sourcing to recruitment to on-boarding new hires, with a simple, quick and inexpensive alternative.

AptoZen combines artificial intelligence and human touch with team-building experts to find the best candidates available, vet their personality and experience, predictively demonstrate their future success and guarantee it, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. AptoZen HaaS leverages sophisticated data collected over 36 years by its parent company, Intrax, to match people with organizations beyond resumes and arcane job descriptions. Road-tested in the highly-competitive Silicon Valley job market where positions need to be filled immediately, AptoZen HaaS results in an average time to hire of just 22 days. Its secret sauce is pattern-matching derived from hundreds of thousands of talent-matching scenarios, honed carefully with human decision-making. As a result, AptoZen HaaS creates a four-level predictive fit to guarantee companies with a successful hire. The AptoZen system is comprehensive and generates results of the highest quality: technology to track employee referrals, recruit and post jobs, experts to talk to every applicant, professionals to write job descriptions, offer letters, negotiate salaries and even prep the new hire for their first day.

“Our turn-key HaaS offers similar advantages to SaaS – you only use what you need, when you need it,” said AptoZen’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mukund Sundaram. “You don’t require expensive technology and perform manual repetitive work. Use only what you need and pay less to generate the same outcome. It’s a much more efficient, intuitive and economical way to hire.”

For more information regarding AptoZen, visit https://www.aptozen.com/ or follow @aptozen.

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AptoZen is a fully funded tech venture of Intrax, a global organization that believes in connecting people through cultural exchanges. Intrax has operations in more than 100 countries worldwide and offers exchange programs, international au pairs, work travel opportunities and global internships.


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