Announcing EnjinX: Ad-Free, User-Friendly Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

EnjinX is a modern, fast, responsive web app for exploring Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens & blockchain data. Bitcoin, ERC-1155, ERC-721, Litecoin & Dogecoin support will come in 2019, making EnjinX the first universal blockchain explorer-ever.

After more than a year of development, we are overjoyed to announce EnjinX- an Ethereum explorer designed with a pivotal mission in mind: to speed up mainstream adoption of blockchain technology by making its data easily accessible to everyone.

We created it to support Ethereum’s mission to together build a more globally accessible, more free, and more trustworthy Internet.

Built to advance the growing Ethereum ecosystem, EnjinX is ultra-modern, minimal, usable, fast, and ad-free - making the understanding and use of Ethereum as simple, streamlined, and enjoyable as possible.

Say Farewell to Endless Ads

You don’t need an ad-blocker for EnjinX - it’s completely ad-free.

You can now explore the Ethereum blockchain and all ERC-20 tokens without being interrupted by ICO promotions, dangerous scams, and endless annoying ads.

Other explorers are plagued by millions of unwanted ad impressions, and we felt having an alternative choice that is kind, considerate, and places users first is of paramount importance for the advancement of the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole.

EnjinX was created to facilitate decentralization of blockchain search services and offer a better way to explore Ethereum - one that is free of unwelcome interruptions.

It was created on top of a simple truth embodied in the shared values of blockchain enthusiasts: the user is not and should not be a product.

Instant Search Results: Introducing the First Real-Time Ethereum Explorer

Forget about slow loading times - get instant search results within milliseconds, and view blocks and transactions faster.

The Ethereum blockchain processes thousands of blocks and hundreds of thousands of transactions on a daily basis. Collecting and displaying all of this data in a timely manner presented a colossal challenge for our engineering team…

…a challenge they met with ferocious determination by developing innovative techniques and improving existing technologies, which ultimately resulted in blocks and transactions coming in up to 30 seconds faster than alternative explorers.

“We use our own ranking algorithm against every search to show more meaningful data before others. Other explorers out there don’t have anything like our real-time, relevant search results.

It’s one of my favorite features.”

– Brad Bayliss, Enjin Lead Systems Engineer

EnjinX has been meticulously optimized for speed; search results are instant and viewable within milliseconds.

Blockchain data is immediately collected, processed, and displayed, enabling you to check everything from the status of a transaction (pending, failed, success) to viewing new information about all Ethereum transactions, addresses, blocks, and tokens -  in real time.

Exploring Ethereum, Made Simple

EnjinX technology and user experience are in perfect synergy - resulting in simple yet highly visual search and easily understandable blockchain data.

User experience is everything. Aside from scaling, it is the single most important issue that’s preventing full-blown mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

As Ethereum blockchain data is mined and stored in blocks, visualization of that data becomes increasingly complex.

Blockchain technology will never take its conquering steps toward mainstream adoption if everyday users don’t have a simple way to access and understand fairly complicated blockchain information, which comes in a myriad of forms.

EnjinX was forged at the intersection of pioneering technology and user-centric design - resulting in a simplified multi-tier navigation, real-time search results, and carefully structured data visualization.

“The Ethereum blockchain provides overwhelming amounts of interesting data.

To achieve harmony in design and create a human-first experience, it was important to balance the structure of navigation, simplicity, and purpose for every page and element.

Every detail was meticulously analyzed and crafted together to achieve a perfectly responsive application, on all devices and browser sizes.

Clean, essential design gives the user both visual peace and a pathway for quick data assimilation.”

– Maxim Blagov, Enjin CEO / Creative Director

Ethereum transaction data is presented in a clutter-free way, flawlessly designed by following ultra-modern UI/UX practices:

  • Transactions: Easily search and view all transactions - pending, internal, and token.
  • Addresses: Comfortably check your balance and tokens, and take a peek at other addresses.
  • Blocks: See block miners, transactions, rewards, and other relevant data.
  • Tokens: Explore over 1,000 ERC-20 tokens and rank them by name, market cap, price, daily volume, and change.

Responsive Design: Optimized for Mobile Devices

Explore Ethereum blockchain - on the go.

Desktop computers placed the Internet in our homes; smartphones put it in our pockets.

Blockchain is a bleeding-edge technology, destined to radically transform everything from societies and industries to nation-states and the emerging global civilization.

Taking this into account, the fact that existing Ethereum explorers are either poorly optimized for mobile devices (or not optimized at all) seems extremely counter-intuitive, absurd, and just plain…


Online platforms like Reddit and social media networks are littered with countless demands for a modern, responsive Ethereum explorer, one made for a modern, 21st century human.

EnjinX will finally fix this paradox: on smartphones and tablets, it essentially looks and feels like a native mobile app. The user interface automatically adjusts to screen width - all the way from widescreen, 4K resolution desktop monitors to smartphones and tablets of all sizes.

Multi-Language, Local Currencies, Custom Themes.

Search the blockchain in your language, select your local currency, and and choose a custom theme.

EnjinX has been translated to over 15 languages, with more to come in the following weeks.

We felt that being able to explore the Ethereum blockchain in your native language would provide a more enjoyable user experience, besides bringing the ability to easily search blockchain data to non-English speakers - something that is extremely important for the advancement of the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole.

Accessibility is important, and so is customization - which is why you’re able to pick your local (or any) currency, not just a few of the world’s major ones like USD, Yen, and Euro.

Pstt… We included an Easter Egg, matey.

EnjinX features a main theme, with two additional options: Winter and Summer. Each theme includes a Day and Night variation, making it easy to customize EnjinX based on your personal preferences or the time of day.

Join the EnjinX Launch Giveaway

Over 15,000 ERC-1155 tokens backed by more than 200,000 ENJ.

We’re celebrating the launch of EnjinX with an Enjin Beam-powered giveaway, featuring everything from somewhat common frozen ENJ to epic Multiverse items and…

The first ever, extremely rare Tradesmith items, special-edition HODL tokens, as well as a single Ansible-one of the first ever minted ERC-1155 tokens. It’s a mysterious item and a part of a limited series. Reminder: Tradesmith

  • Enjin Beam Lootdrops, distributed to entrants as we reach the giveaway goals - the milestones being 100K, 500K, and 1M total points.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize, sent to randomly selected winners.

You can learn more about the rewards here and enter the contest here. is an upcoming game we’re building exclusively for the amazing Enjin Community.

The giveaway rewards will be distributed in two ways:

Beyond Ethereum: Universal Explorer

Bitcoin, ERC-1155, ERC-721, Litecoin, and DogeCoin support.

Regular product updates are what close to a million Enjin Wallet users are used to - and things will be no different with our explorer.

Native ERC-1155 support is the first in a series of planned upgrades which will ultimately result in EnjinX being the first universal blockchain explorer - ever.

Coming in early 2019, the Multi-Token Standard support will feature detailed, clean data about ENJ-backed ERC-1155 tokens and their metadata. ERC-721, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and DogeCoin support will follow the ERC-1155 upgrade.

Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future.

– Corrie Ten Boom

The ways we record information have changed and been improved upon throughout history, from ancient Babylonian writings and the invention of the printing press to the dawn of the computer era and birth of the World Wide Web.

Blockchain technology is just another step in this collective journey we embarked upon thousands of years ago in the cradle of civilization, imprinting our thoughts and memories on clay tablets.

We believe the ability to easily explore and understand blockchain data - immortalized, secure, decentralized, immutable information-is the key to our future, which is why we’ve built EnjinX.

To enable you to easily explore digitalized personal and collective memories, safely stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Thank you for reading - if you’d like, hop over to our Telegram channel and say hi to the Enjin community.


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