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Whether you love or hate SAP, they have a clear product roadmap: S/4HANA is the flagship enterprise product, while Business by Design. Oracle’s NetSuite is a focused offering without competing priorities.

Oracle’s other products aren’t as clear. It is reasonable to assume that eBusiness Suite is closer to end of life than the start. It isn’t clear to many in the Oracle ecosystem as to what exact functionality has migrated from eBusiness Suite, JD Edwards, or Fusion. This lack of clarity creates confusion and uncertainty in the market place, which we are seeing translate to lower adoption of Oracle’s core products now compared to years past.

Oracle can be a difficult software vendor to work with

Larry Ellison is known as a tough business person and shrewd negotiator. His personality permeates the culture of Oracle – for better or for worse. This can make the company difficult to deal with.

In general, Oracle’s software subscription pricing structure is complex and full of traps. Many of our Oracle clients complain of being “Oracle-ized” by being slapped with increased costs after random audits from the company. Oracle is not the only software vendor with this issue, but my experience is that it is more common among Oracle customers.

This could all change in 2020

Having said all of this, anything can change in a year from now. Oracle could go on a selling spree that lands them a higher market share with its Cloud ERP product. The company could make significant progress migrating legacy on-premise application functionality to its cloud offering. The stability of the top digital transformation providers is at an all-time low, with a lot in flux right now.

At the end of the day, this and other rankings really don’t matter. Your business and the technology that fits your business model going forward is the most important factor to consider in your ERP evaluation and selection process.


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