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Nowadays, the market for data control and management is on its way of developing with a wide variety of solution vendors. There are tons of data products providers out there with numerous sizes and shapes, which may be really confusing when someone has to choose. This article will help you have a clear of overview about some major vendors on the market today.

These below vendors have already had their own reputation for a long time and in spite of the obvious fact that every provider is different from each other, these tools have made a diversity for the market. They provide customers with a lot of use benefits so that it is inevitable for them to be so reputable currently.

In the recent time, Oracle has informed to the public that it has already signed a contract to apply the Marketing Cloud solution from Blue Kai and then combined the solution with its Data Management Platform in order to make the marketing programs as well as customer experience stand out from the crowd. Thanks to this change from Oracle, companies are now able to set up rich user profiles and bridge the gap between first party and others’ sources involving media, advertising as well as other kinds of sources. Therefore, it is not doubtful at all that Oracle is on the top list of this year.

Amazon Web Service, which is shortly written as AWS, is a fully controlled data warehouse which helps make analysis for data through taking advantage of the current analytics software of a company. In this warehouse, users will be able to automate common admin missions referred to provisioning and managing cloud data warehousing. What is more, users will be also able to operate SQL queries directly and conveniently against a large number of unstructured documents while they do not have to load or transform anything.

The data management solution offered by Microsoft is an easy-to-use method in which users can install, configure, integrate and deploy conveniently. With this solution, Microsoft will assist you in installing the APS appliance so that you will be provided with an ecosystem including many partners such as Mariner, who can help you with making plans, deploying and supporting. Also, the solution also comes with Poly Base, which can support you with the capability to query data by making use of SQL.

4. Do not let data manage you

Technologies are keeping on evolving and developing so the demands on big data analytics continue calling. As a result, managers and experts should think carefully when they have to control a big amount of data.

Data planning is now on top of the priorities for companies as well as organizations for two major causes. The first reason is that the huge amount of data which is produced on a daily basis has increased and is expected to grow more in the future.

According to a research, the data estimated in the world would double every two years and would reach 44 zettabytes by the year of 2020. This figure has put a really heavy pressure on IT engineers and experts.

Another reason is that the time length that companies hope to save their data has also grown too much. For instance, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requires companies to store holder information security for even seven years and maybe ten years or more in the upcoming time.

*How data planning influences on entrepreneurs

Data storage was once regarded as an alternative part of successful organizations, yet now it is considered to be a must and really important tool of a business.Currently, more and more companies and organizations have tended to move into either private or hybrid cloud. For this reason, these services have been an indispensable part and required more serious control as well as resource management than they used to be.

It is true to claim that a big enterprise is not allowed to make a huge investment of endless quantities of data or resources into IT storage. However, a process of assigning storage in order to optimize the wellness of the storage network is a necessity.

*Data management

If a user does not determine what should be deleted, what should be placed into storage as well as what to keep close under the close reach, their data will be able to control them.

Due to the fact that the value of a data will have a big effect on the company, data manager needs to take advantage of active archive methods. Then a system could be devised in order to control the data tiers while saving much of the expense by putting data on an economical medium. Through learning and understanding data properly, you will be able to store it in the most efficient manner.


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