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Led by P.Porto (Porto Design Factory), Universities of the Future – Collaborative digital shift towards a new framework for industry and education, is a project that promises to show the difference.

Built-on a true community of practice that gathers the key actors of the quadruple helix, this initiative aims at developing new and multidisciplinary approaches to higher education settings (leaders, teachers and students), companies (leaders and workers) also highlighting the framework conditions that can underpin the digital transformation (public actors and decision-makers).

INOVA+ is one of the partners of this three-years project and, together with the other 13 organisations of the alliance (including, in Portugal, the National Agency for Innovation – ANI, IKEA Industry and Junta Digital) will support the:

  • Generation of a common body of knowledge on industry 4.0 readiness/maturation of regions/business and related impact on skills shifting, up/re-skilling (a blueprint for cooperation with and for HEIs, businesses and governments)
  • Production of innovative lessons on core topics/main components of the Industry 4.0, targeting students enrolled in HE bachelors/master degrees
  • Development of continuous training programmes/short-courses on core topics/main components of the Industry 4.0, targeting employees that are interested in re/upskilling their competences
  • Creation of a joint post-graduation course built-on creative strategies applied to industry 4.0, targeting workers interested in putting into practice pilot projects to accelerate their company’s digital transformation
  • Elaboration of guiding and supporting resources targeted to HEIs, business and government decision-making bodies and to educators/trainers
  • Development of a robust virtual teaching and learning factory for industry 4.0 populated with tools and resources enabling direct contact of the target-groups with the main components of industry and education 4.0, and complemented by physical facilities/equipment, aimed at supporting the development of the hands-on-experiment and pilot projects.

To know more about the project, partners or planned activities, please contact Pedro Costa ( or Sara Brandão (


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