Global Agile Development & Innovation

What does the future hold for Agile?

As different industries begin to embrace Agile and teams become more distributed, it is clear that Agile (and the way we use it) is going to change. It always has and it always will. The key is to see the change coming and to act on it – only then can Agile companies truly thrive in a business world
that offers no guarantees and demands flexibility.

Whether you’re a Scrum Master, CEO, VP or an Agile Coach, everyone wants the same thing: an effective team working towards a common goal in an efficient and harmonious way. This, sometimes, can be easier said than done, and those implementing and practicing Agile must be ready to face the challenges that they will inevitably encounter.

Learn about these challenges and how to overcome them at the 2018 Global Agile Development and Innovation Summit. Presented by Corporate Parity, the summit will present case studies, workshops and panel discussions featuring industry experts and forward-thinking leaders. Key topics covered include Scaling Agile, Enterprise Agile, Dispersed Agile Teams, Mob Programming and much more.


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