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Earlier this month at the Clio Cloud Conference in New Orleans, intellectual property attorney Andrea H. Evans, Esq., stopped by the Lexicata booth for an interview about the CRM & client intake software that helped transform her practice.

As a Lexicata user since 2016, Andrea has seen the software pay major dividends for her firm. With Lexicata’s technology, she has grown her customer base and simplified her clients’ and staff’s lives.

Read this CRM & client intake software Case Study – or watch the video below – to see how.

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The Law Firm of Andrea Hence Evans specializes in patent, trademark, and copyright law. Andrea is a former Patent Examiner and Trademark Examining Attorney at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

As her firm has grown, she has gained exposure and accolades. The PBS show selected her as a “mentor” on its broadcasts, and she has appeared on ABC, Fox, CBS and NBC. She has written a book, All About Inventing. Also, she has founded a STEM program which helps Washington, DC youth discover their “inner inventor.”

And according to Andrea, Lexicata has been instrumental in helping her law firm get where it is today.

“I have been a Lexicata user since the beginning,” Andrea says, “and I highly recommend it to all attorneys that need to have a seamless intake process.”

Leaving the “Dinosaur Age” Behind with CRM & Client Intake Software

Andrea remembers well the days when she’d never heard of CRM and client intake software.

“Initially, when I started, having to type things on Word, putting things in Excel, that’s the Dinosaur Age,” she says. “So I’m definitely happy to be in the right century here, using the right technology.”

For Andrea, marketing has been vital to her law firm’s success. She says that social media, her TV appearances and speaking opportunities have made a huge difference – and so have her text-to-join and live chat services.

But she adds that Lexicata has been equally as important as those other marketing factors.

“What I love about Lexicata is, the support has been phenomenal,” Andrea says. “So, as I’ve worked with chat services, as I’ve worked with buttons on my websites and have people contact us, the support team has been extremely helpful in integrating that. And so everything in my firm runs seamlessly.”

Automation has “doubled, if not tripled,” Andrea’s client retention.

“The best thing about Lexicata has to be the automation,” Andrea says. “Even my clients applaud me for the intake process.”

To Andrea, clients’ customer experience is something that cannot be overlooked. “As lawyers, often we forget that we have to have excellent customer service,” she explains. “And Lexicata has afforded me the opportunity to provide that through my intake process.

The forms are already set up as a template. I’m able to send those out, schedule them, and I’m booked! Thanks to Lexicata.”

When asked if she has noticed a difference in her client retention and revenue since implementing Lexicata, Andrea says, “Yes, I know I have,” because Lexicata makes it so she and her clients can interact seamlessly with each other.

“A software like Lexicata affords the ability to send a form out and remind the client. And just those reminder emails have doubled, if not tripled, my firm’s client retention,” she says.

“Simply because the client feels important, and they feel like I personally sent that email to remind them about a meeting, or to remind them to engage my firm.”

And e-signing forms and documents “avoids a lot of unnecessary steps.”

Specifically, Andrea says Lexicata’s document e-signature feature has “made a tremendous difference” for her business.

“You don’t have to know how to even use the computer to use Lexicata,” she says. “And to use the document signing has been definitely a benefit for my clients. Initially, they were having to take a PDF, print it out, find a service that would then allow them to fax it or mail it back through snail mail.

“And with this system, I’m able to immediately get the document, have a copy in my system, push that over to Clio if needed, (and my clients) have their copy. So it avoids a lot of unnecessary steps.”

“Templates for Any Particular Industry”

Speaking about CRM & client intake software’s impact in her industry – IP law – Andrea says that one of the best things about Lexicata is the customization the software allows its users.

“In IP – what I love about Lexicata is that the forms aren’t necessarily specific to your industry … you can create templates for any particular industry,” she says.

For her practice, Andrea leverages Lexicata primarily for the intake process. Lawyers in other industries can utilize Lexicata’s client intake software, its Client Relationship Management functions, and its Reporting & Analytics tools in a ton of different ways.

Using software to accomplish tedious tasks, Andrea says, “just shows a little bit more professionalism.”

“At some point, I think it’s our job as lawyers to be lawyers. And not be customer service reps, and gathering information that forms can do for you.”

CRM & Client Intake Software is “Critical” to Law Firms’ Success

Andrea thinks too few lawyers use software like Lexicata’s because, as she puts it, “a lot of lawyers get used to what they’re doing.”

Lawyers may not realize they need CRM & client intake software, Andrea says, because “they don’t understand the importance of the client intake process. And that whole customer service interface is critical.”

If you’re considering Lexicata …

“I would definitely say take action,” Andrea says, “and go ahead and purchase the software.

“It will pay for itself, and you’ll see an increase in just your clients being more happy, which will give you more positive reviews in the long run.”

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