Accenture Buys 200-Person Firm To Bolster Agile Development Coaching, Education

Accenture has purchased a company that specializes in coaching, certification and training around the Agile software development methodology.

The Dublin, Ireland-based company, No. 2 on the CRN Solution Provider 500, said its acquisition of Redmond, Wash.-based SolutionsIQ will help Accenture’s clients be more effective in delivering digital solutions, according to Annette Rippert, senior managing director of Accenture Technology.

“This is really a big step for us,” Rippert said. “Our clients will be very excited about this.”

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Accenture was very attracted to SolutionIQ’s deeply experienced team of Agile coaches, Rippert said. Terms of the deal, were closed Friday, were not disclosed.

Rippert said Accenture has built a very strong practice around Agile technology to help clients improve digital delivery effectiveness, reduce cycle times for software development, and be more responsive to the business needs that organizations face. Bringing SolutionsIQ on board will increase the breadth of capabilities and depth of skills Accenture can offer to customers, Rippert said.

SolutionsIQ coaches will expand Accenture’s agility to help clients reduce investment risk, accelerate time to market for new products and services, and support design that delivers better customer experiences, Bhaskar Ghosh, chief executive of Accenture Technology Services, said in a statement. The company’s coaches are among the most sought-after experts in the industry, according to Ghosh.

In addition to SolutionIQ’s coaching services, Rippert said the 200-person company also brings intellectual property and resources to bear around Agile enterprise solutions and workflow. This will help Accenture strengthen the breadth of Agile services it can provide to clients, Rippert said.

Beyond the technology itself, Rippert said SolutionsIQ offers components of Agile foundation courses, certified training capabilities, and coaching and guidance to accelerate Agile adoption. SolutionIQ’s certification and development services should catalyze the rest of Accenture’s Agile practice, Rippert said.

SolutionsIQ will be maintained as a distinct group within the Accenture Technology organization to take advantage of the company’s strong brand and important capabilities, which Rippert said is important when it comes to client marketing.

Accenture’s services will fold into and be amplified by SolutionsIQ’s position in the client environment, according to Rippert. Existing SolutionsIQ clients, meanwhile, will be able to grow further and transform their capabilities thanks for Accenture’s global presence, Rippert said.

Accenture and SolutionsIQ primarily target Global 2000 and large public sector players, Rippert said, with considerable overlap existing among the current client sets of both companies as well as the organizations they were looking to target in the future. Rippert said she had seen very broad interest in Agile methodologies across all of Accenture’s industry vertical segments.

SolutionsIQ’s workforce is primarily concentrated in North America, Rippert said, with a cadre slated to become part of Accenture’s India organization.

“The deal holds a lot of promise,” Rippert said.

This is the second acquisition announced by Accenture in the past two days. The systems integrator announced Thursday that it plans to purchase Sugar Land, Texas.-based LabAnswer to better assist life sciences firms with capturing, managing, integrating and analyzing complex research data.


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