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What’s on your whiteboard?? A lot of great ideas that could potentially transform your company, right? Yet budget constraints and recruiting issues often mean those great ideas fall further down your list. Aligning with a nearshore Agile development partner can give you the talent and expertise needed to deliver on your company’s strategic goals – as long as you select the right one. So, what do you look for when evaluating vendor partners?

While nearshore Agile development partners can offer capable resources at a lower investment than their onshore counterparts, not all of them are created equal. Gorilla Logic’s reputation for providing top-tier, Costa Rica-based Agile development talent attracts global clients – the ones who lead their industries. It is also a key reason why we expanded our team from a handful of developers to more than 300 in just a few years. Here are seven reasons why world-class companies choose Gorilla Logic for Agile outsourcing.

1. Gorilla Logic invests in top-tier Agile development talent

Companies often need experienced software application developers yesterday, causing many nearshore providers to staff projects with engineers who lack the necessary skills to meet the clients’ expectations. Once these engineers muddle through their clients’ projects, the provider lets them go.

At Gorilla Logic we actively recruit and onboard an elite level of tech talent who become our employees. We invest the time and resources to screen them for the right skills, talent, language skills, and cultural affinity so that they can build a long-term career with us.

“First and foremost, we believe that at Gorilla Logic, the top 5-10% of engineering talent is worth the cost,” emphasizes Jay Wallingford, Gorilla Logic’s CTO. “A lot of nearshore companies will let developers go once they complete a project. When our Gorillas complete a project, we see it as a great opportunity to rotate them into Gorilla Labs where they can learn new skills and challenge themselves with practice projects. We make sure our Gorillas are as busy on the bench as they are on a client engagement.”

2. We are constantly upping our skill set

As our clients’ projects have grown in scale and complexity, they expect us to be ahead of the innovation curve. Our Gorillas are naturally curious and thrive on tinkering with the latest technology. So, we make sure they have opportunities to expand their skill sets. For example, Gorilla Logic recently provided the certification training for Leading SAFe® to our Product Owners and Scrum Masters – demonstrating our expertise in the Scaled Agile framework and our commitment to training future change agents.

Becoming certified in SAFe separates us from many other nearshore software developers. Not only can we provide clients with a more efficient, transparent process, we are also accredited to train teams in Scaled Agile best practices.

3. Our Gorillas have an unstoppable attitude

At Gorilla Logic, our guiding principle is, “Hire great people and everything else takes care of itself.” We know it’s not enough just to hire tech-savvy Gorillas. They also need to be creative thinkers, passionate collaborators and proactive problem solvers.

“At Gorilla Logic , we don’t just hire smart people who are really good at technology – they have an unstoppable attitude,” says Jay. “The majority of our customers don’t have the time to manage a team of engineers. So, we look for people who are creative and aggressive in getting things done. It’s part of our secret sauce.”

4. We promote an open, collaborative environment

Many companies who engage with a nearshore or offshore development partner are often surprised to discover that they don’t have direct access to the engineers that have been assigned to work on their projects. Vendors in India, Ukraine, China and Russia often assign program managers to serve as middlemen between the client and their developers. This can result in an inefficient delivery model that drives up costs. Gorilla Logic doesn’t add unnecessary layers of communication or management that can stall a project.

“There is a collaborative environment that is built around the team and around the customer,” adds Mario Merino, Gorilla Logic’s Managing Director, Costa Rica. “We have talent that we are proud of and, we really want to highlight that talent. Our customers can engage with any member of the Gorilla team on a daily basis.”

5. We challenge our Gorillas everyday

Gorilla Logic has created a culture of collaboration, performance and flexibility. While we provide our Gorillas with great compensation and benefits, the challenges we offer are a key reason why Gorilla Logic has established itself as a premier employer in Costa Rica. Our clients hire us to tackle really complex, interesting projects using the latest technology.

“The indirect compensation that we provide Gorillas is really, really high,” says Mario. “Working elbow-to-elbow with people on high stakes projects in a very sophisticated environment raises the bar for everyone.”

“Gorilla Logic has become the “Holy Grail” of great companies to work for in Costa Rica,” adds Jay. “We hire fantastic developers who have built their skills sets at huge companies with deep pockets and fun work environments such as HP, Intel, Accenture. And these developers believe, ‘If I get hired by Gorilla Logic, it means I’ve reached the top of my game.'”

6. We put the spotlight on our Gorillas

Gorilla Logic plays an active role in promoting our Gorillas within the tech community. Tess Manderson, VP of Client Services and Talent, notes, ” Gorilla Logic is one of the few companies willing to invest in our employees’ personal brands. By providing opportunities for our Gorillas to contribute blog posts, participate in Meetups, and lead Gorilla Tech Talks, we highlight their talent vs. hide it.”

7. The “Tico” culture

Our Costa Rica-based Gorillas (or “Ticos” as our clients like to call them) are a group of talented people who share similar interests including technology, music, sports and travel. The common thread behind these interests is the passion that goes into them. Our Gorillas embrace the spirit of Pura Vida – a joyful approach to their work and personal lives. At Gorilla Logic, they are aligned in doing whatever it takes to grow the company and help our clients achieve their visions.

“Working with world-class companies with high standards means that you’ve done something really special,” says Jay. “I always tell potential clients to look at the caliber of companies we work with versus other nearshore providers’ client lists. Gorilla Logic is growing quickly and with people who have the skill level that attracts future-focused companies who are disrupting their industries.


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