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ProServe Solutions CEO realized they needed a cloud ERP solution their customers could easily use in today’s marketplace. Their choice of Acumatica led to a transformed business and increased customer success.

ProServe Solutions has been selling software solutions to the manufacturing, distribution, and service industries for 35 years. Their business technology expertise has allowed them to provide their customers with solutions that work in real-world situations. When the industry began to shift to cloud-based applications, the company recognized their need for a modern cloud ERP solution.

Finding a modern cloud ERP solution that fit ProServe’s mission

“We needed to provide our customers with an application that is user friendly and mobile. It needed to be provided by a vendor that supported their ecosystem and focused on the same goals that we’ve focused on, which is providing easy-to-use applications to our customers in this new environment,” says President and CEO Chris Cleary.

He and the ProServe team’s efforts to find a cloud-based ERP product required many conversations with many vendors. “We started to do our due diligence on the different products available in the market, and as we started the process, we found big differences between the conversations we would have between vendors,” Chris says.

They discovered that very few vendors had a clear strategy for getting their applications to the cloud or for consolidating their multiple ERP products-except for Acumatica. “With Acumatica, it was clear. They had a single product, a single version that aligned very well with the direction we were trying to take our company.”

3 ways Acumatica helped transform ProServe

As a Gold Certified Acumatica VAR, ProServe has been able to transform their already successful business with an Acumatica partnership and access to Acumatica’s global resources.

Their transformative benefits include:

1. A true partner and a growing ecosystem

“One of the things that’s really important to our customers is that they have a partner with ProServe and with the ERP vendor supporting their system-having a partner that is really engaged in the process,” Chris says.

For the ProServe team, having a fully developed and supported ecosystem, as Acumatica has built and is continuing to build, is top priority. They feel it helps them leverage technology changes and customer experiences and consider the product itself to be just a piece of the puzzle

“Any time we’ve run into a scenario where we’ve needed vendor support, we’ve gotten it with Acumatica,” Chris says. “Moving to newer technologies is not an easy transition. Every step of the way, someone from Acumatica is guiding us. Plus, I still get emails from the initial partner team, and every time I go to Summit, they still check up on us.”

With Acumatica cloud ERP, ProServe’s customers have direct access to the Acumatica staff. They’ve also joined an ecosystem that actively encourages participation by-and communication with-every user.

2. Access to emerging technologies

Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), are necessary for businesses to succeed. ProServe’s customers have wanted a partner that will incorporate these technologies as quickly as possible.

Chris says, “That was something we were impressed with Acumatica. They continue to focus on disruptive technologies entering the market. They’re not afraid of these technologies. They embrace these revolutionary technologies and make them a part of their product.”

3. A praise-worthy partner program

ProServe’s partnership with Acumatica has been a success, starting from their first contact and continuing throughout the training, certification, and implementing of the true cloud ERP software.

The ProServe team felt Acumatica’s support even before they signed on, starting with the pre-partner enablement team. He says the Acumatica team stood out amongst the almost dozen ERP vendors they looked at as potential partners. He also mentions other stand-out features of the Acumatica ecosystem, including the Acumatica Partner Portal, the annual Acumatica Summit, and the consistent, one-on-one contact with Acumatica’s representatives.

“The level of support that Acumatica gives us is the best we’ve experienced,” Chris says.

He also considers the Acumatica Partner Program one of the best they’ve participated in.

“Their partner program is easy, manageable, and straightforward. All the requirements are clearly laid out. And we like the fact that they have ongoing, continuous learning and certification as part of their product and partner program. The strength of their partnership stood out in our selection process.”

Acumatica’s continued growth supported by ProServe

Acumatica’s recent acquisition news was something Chris and his customers greeted with approval. “ProServe Solutions could not be more excited. We have always known, and our customers have shared our opinion, that Acumatica would need financial assistance in order to take on ‘Big ERP.’ Our hope has always been that when the time came to choose a partner, Acumatica would remain consistent with their vision of Customer and Partners first. We believe they have done so in choosing EQT. We cannot wait to see how Acumatica will leverage the resources provided by EQT to enhance their platform and ecosystem!”

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming an Acumatica VAR-like many of those who have made Bob Scott’s Top 100 VAR Listcontact our team today. We’re dedicated to putting our partners and customers first, including protecting you against unscrupulous vendor practices, and we’ll help you take care of your customers anywhere, anytime.

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