Woman From China Carrying Malware Arrested After Entering Mar-a-Lago

MIAMI – A 32-year-old woman from China carrying four cellphones and a thumb drive infected with malware gained access to Mar-a-Lago during President Trump’s visit to the Florida resort this weekend by saying she wanted to use the pool, federal court records show.

The woman, identified as Yujing Zhang, was admitted by Secret Service agents stationed outside the resort after the Mar-a-Lago security manager on duty verified that her last name matched the surname of a member of the club, according to a complaint filed in federal district court in Florida.

When asked if she was the member’s daughter, “she did not give a definitive answer,” the complaint said. It said she was allowed to enter and was escorted to the front desk in a valet-driven golf cart.

Ms. Zhang told the authorities that she had flown in from Shanghai to attend a United Nations Friendship event, but no such event existed, the complaint said. When the authorities searched her belongings, they found that she was carrying four cellphones, a hard drive, a laptop and a thumb drive that was found to be infected with malware.

Ms. Zhang was arrested and charged with lying to a federal agent and gaining access to a restricted area.

The Secret Service declined to comment on the case, citing an ongoing investigation. Ms. Zhang’s lawyer, a federal public defender, did not respond to a request for comment, nor did the management at Mar-a-Lago.


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