Ransomware Jokes And Memes

The ransomware attack that hit the world a couple of days ago caused a huge disruption and we covered the consequences of the cyber attack. The WannaCry ransomware hit at least 150 countries and affected public services such as hospitals, police stations like the Andhra Police, FedEx, Russia’s Interior ministry, Renault, Telefonica and many others.

Many security analysts and cyber firms are already working hard trying to solve the problem without causing much damage to the affected computers and systems. However, the internet has a different way of dealing with this situation. As usual, Twitter users had some hilarious things to say so we decided to compile some of the best ones for you.

I got attacked by ransomware and was asked for money

I sent them my salary slip
They have sent me some money in return😇 #RansomwareAttack

– Biplab Ghosh (@biplab007)
May 16, 2017

#Wannacry #Ransomware virus tried to enter SBI software.

Hackers got a popup saying Abhi lunch time hai.. baad mein aao.

– Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna)
May 16, 2017


As usual @TheOfficialSBI destroyed #ransomware Virus pic.twitter.com/sX3OhukYEZ

– #GauravPradhan 🇮🇳
May 17, 2017

α (@isatyendras)

#Ransomware hackers tried hacking IRCTC. As per latest reports, they are still waiting for the site to load. 😂😂

– sαтүεη∂яα sнυкℓ
May 17, 2017

Meanwhile Linux Users be like #wannacryattack #ransomware #infosec 😂 pic.twitter.com/BgmQ5pRidl

– Arul Kumar (@ArulVaiyapuri)
May 16, 2017

My phone is ready for #WannaCry #Ransomware Attack. pic.twitter.com/MRLw0o4X90

– Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna)
May 17, 2017

WannaCry may have been one of the biggest cyber attacks in history but the people of Twitter certainly know how to have a good laugh. The ransomware has been affecting computers that run an old version of Windows XP and in case you would like to know how to avoid being hacked, read our guide here.

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