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Q: Is Spyhunter Safe?

A: Spyhunter 5 is a safe and effective antimalware solution to help remove malware, adware, and tracking cookies from your computer and prevent new ones from installing themselves.

One of the most searched for phrases that I see in our visitor statistics is “Is Spyhunter 5 safe” or “Is Spyhunter 5 legit” or something similar.

It seems that a lot of people are finding out about Spyhunter but aren’t sure if it’s real, safe, or trusted. And I don’t blame them – after I get infected by malware I don’t trust anything anymore.

I will start out by saying that I have personally used Spyhunter 5 to get rid of malware on my computer, and it worked wonderfully and quickly.

It’s a legitimate program published by EnigmaSoft and has been around for about 10 years. EnigmaSoft works to consistently and constantly update their malware database, and their main website offers some interesting statistics on trending malware and tips on how to avoid it in the first place.

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Updates for 2018

On June 22, 2018 EnigmaSoft updated Spyhunter to version 5, unveiling a new user interface and updated features.

They have updated a number of different features including advanced customization as well as integrated rootkit detection protocols.

The new version of the software runs faster and has a new look and feel as well as color scheme. We like the new version of Spyhunter 5 for now.

EnigmaSoft continues to keep their software up to date and ensure that it is an aggressive competitor in today’s malware environment. This past June they recently submitted Spyhunter to, an independent software analysis company, for review. It received a highly favorable score and writeup, which can be found here.

We continue to receive comments regarding the software from our readers, detailing how the program has helped them regain their computer’s performance following a malware or adware infection.

Enigma software also continues to be on the forefront when it comes to the newer threats of “cryptojacking” in which hackers steal some of your processing power to mine cryptocurrency in a large “bot net” relying on the networked power of millions of hijacked computers.

Public Sentiment

It’s a good idea that people do research on programs they are about to buy, so I’m happy that people are looking for reassurance. I actually did the same search myself just to see what was out there and I found a mixed bag of reactions from professional sites and private users of the software.

Some people loved the program, and others had some complaints. However it seems that most of the bad reviews that seem to be floating around about Spyhunter 5 are coming from people who believe they have been somehow “tricked” by the software into having to buy it, which is just ignorance on their part. They haven’t even used the program!

Spyhunter 5 is not a free program. You can download the software for free and see if it finds malware on your computer, but in order to remove the malware you must buy the software. This does not mean Spyhunter is unsafe or a scam or ” scareware “. People are just grumpy that they might have to buy something to fix a problem. These reviews don’t reflect the quality of Spyhunter itself, which is good in my opinion.

Why Pay?

Some people might wonder why they should buy a spyware remover program when there are free options out there. And this is definitely a valid question. In my experience, you get what you pay for. For free stuff, this means you’re sacrificing certain aspects such as frequent spyware definition database updates, customer and tech support, and bug fixes.

When a software program is free to the public, there is much less incentive for the companies that produce it to update it with regularity.

Because Spyhunter is backed by Enigma software and is a major part of their company, they are much more likely to keep it updated. And they do! A quick glance at their Facebook page shows that Enigma Software is constantly monitoring the latest threats that circulate on the internet.

If I want the best software to clean up my computer then I have no problem paying a bit of money for a decent program. I’m very skeptical of free programs as they tend to carry malware themselves. Free software, in fact, is one of the leading causes of people getting malware in the first place.

My Own Experience

I’ve been in the tech field for many years and I would only use software on my computer that I trust. Spyhunter 5 made quick work of a very annoying malware infection on my computer called Conduit. It saved me quite a bit of time, and the entire process was quite easy. It got rid of the infection and restored my settings back to their original form.

I also went searching for some user testimonials from people who actually USED the program to see what they were saying about the program itself (not whining about the fact that they had to buy something). I found many many unsolicited happy reviews from users who were quite pleased with the software. Here is a screenshot I just took from Spyhunter’s very own Facebook page:

Features Of Spyhunter 5

One thing that tends to win most customers over is the fact that Spyhunter 5 has a plethora of great features that can help you clean up your computer. Here are a few of the good ones:

  • Gets rid of multiple types of spyware including trojans, rootkits, worms, keyloggers, cookies, adware, and more.
  • Great one on one customer support. If you’re having an issue their Help Desk will work with you personally to help create a fix if the software is unable to automatically resolve the problem.
  • A “Compact OS” that Spyhunter can boot into in order to remove rootkits-which sometimes cannot be removed if Windows is running.
  • Frequent malware definition updates. This is the big one and the reason you should pay for a malware and virus solution – daily updates keep your comptuer safe from the latest threats.
  • System guards will detect attempts to change crucial system settings – and block them until you “OK” the changes.
  • A very easy to use interface that’s perfect for all levels of computer expertise.
  • Custom malware fixes – this goes along with the Help Desk feature that enables Enigma to work with you to create a custom fix for your particular problem if the software can’t quite get it.


Overall I highly recommend Spyhunter 5. It’s a safe and effective program that will make quick work of any spyware, malware, adware, and other junk on your computer. Sometimes it will find stuff that seems to slip by Norton and other antivirus software programs. It’s a great addition to a good antivirus program, especially if you tend to browse sites that have a high percentage of problems distributing malware such as adult or gambling sites.

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