Eric Taylor, aka Cosmo the God, on cyber

Russian hackers are notorious for their hacking skills, but one American says he hacked a Russian cyber gang at just 15 years old.

Eric Taylor, who went by the nickname Cosmo the God, also posted personal information of celebrities and government officials, including Michelle Obama, former CIA director John Brennan, Kim Kardashian and Tiger Woods.

The government eventually caught up with Taylor and he pleaded guilty to posting the personal information on the internet, among other charges.

Now, Taylor is trying to help companies and recently started working for a cybersecurity start-up.

Taylor’s life as a hacker began when he was just 12 years old and playing video games at home.

“Just imagine being 12 and having the power just to take anybody off your video game. So I felt a lot of power. And then I started learning other things and I moved on to joining a hacking group,” Taylor told CNBC.


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