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Whether you are a gargantuan conglomerate or a startup from a garage, online security is serious business. Even the smallest of companies will use the same electronic commerce (e-Commerce) platforms as online supermarket giants, and a startup may pass data to its branch offices using the same app or protocols just like the Alibabas or Googles of this world.

What is undoubtedly true in cybersecurity circles, is that internet security solutions tend to either be scaled massively to protect global enterprises, or be discreet services (or pieces of hardware such as Network Security Hardware Appliances) aimed squarely at the micro business.

The most significant void in service provision exists in the space of those organizations expanding rapidly and are on the cusp of massive growth, but still lack the cybersecurity staffing & technical capabilities of their larger enterprise counterparts.

With a global team, Horangi has offices and consultants in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Hong Kong. Its international presence allows its enterprise-class cybersecurity products to protect mid-sized businesses across the globe. The company’s trifecta of security products alongside its combination of professional advisory services provides the security support desperately required by enterprises in the Asia region.

Ranging from providing professional cyber security advisories to cyber security products, Horangi is capable of tailoring its consultancies and products according to its clients’ business requirements. The interface between a highly complex offering and a commercial sense of priorities are what make the company’s attitudes and approach unique in the space.

81 percent of Horangi’s revenue is derived from existing clients – a testament to its long-term commitment to cyber security and its direct support of organizations going through exponential growth in today’s digital market space.

According to the Cybersecurity Ventures 2017 Annual Cybercrime Report , online crime costs will surmount to roughly US$6 trillion annually by 2021. As data becomes the new currency of commerce, companies of all sizes realize the need for an increased level of protection.

Horangi has a team of more than 50 professionals, including software developers, white hat cyber operators and security experts from different backgrounds, all of whom work alongside business-oriented operations professionals. To date, the company has 12 OSCPs, six personnel with CERT PEN, five with CPSA & CISSP – in total, over 50 certifications across the technical team. In addition, they also have employees from former professional and academic experience from national security, intelligence and military circles.

Although the Horangi’s technical credentials are unassailable in cybersecurity terms, they are careful to ensure their responses are placed in strategic frameworks, rather than having technology dictate responses to security situations. Most of its customers are in the tech startup space (typically pre-series III phase organizations), so these aren’t companies, often, without in-house technical ability. Rather, Horangi’s services allow companies to use their resources for their own ends, rather than be side-tracked by developing cyber threats.

The company bases its offering on three products :

Scanner is a vulnerability management solution explicitly designed to seek out vulnerabilities in cloud-based web applications, devices and APIs available on a network, and source code created by software development teams. By using Scanner, security best practices are baked into new products as they make the progression from in-house testing to production environments.

The second of the product trifecta is Horangi Hunter. This platform detects ongoing breaches by using proactive monitoring and refers potential issues to incident response experts. Proprietary threat-hunting algorithms counter persistent threats and report their findings for presentation in a customer facing dashboard, known as Storyfier.

Storyfier is an interactive dashboard that aggregates and displays all security findings into a single source of information for the user. Findings are presented in a variety of formats and adjustable depending on the audience’s position. This ranges from corporate leaders at the strategic level to the tactical operators on the ground. Equipped with information from Horangi’s trifecta of security products, alongside advisories from professional security consultants, key executives are able to securely implement various business decisions securely. Rather than following irrelevant or inaccurate security reports that may not accurately reflect the relevant security threats.

Due for an update in the third quarter of 2018, Storyfier will track a wider variety of metrics, so watch this space for a list of new features and increased mitigation capabilities as it becomes available.

Additionally, the company is one of the first cybersecurity providers who offer specific cryptocurrency site products and services, which help combat cyber fraud in this potentially lucrative market.

Horangi offers a range of services for the small to medium-sized enterprises, including proactive incident response, security assessments, forensics, and a variety of advice on security policy and governance. It’s due for a second round of funding later this year alongside a release of version two of its entire offering. In business, but specifically in cybersecurity, nothing good comes from standing still.

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