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The greatest asset on the internet is content, and marketers have used it to its full advantage. The rules of the game are changing fast and in accordance with rising trends on social media. Businesses have the chance to tap into this world of creative potential and come up with the next trendsetting idea that elevates their status in the market.

Benefits of content marketing

SEO is the handiest tool for getting found online, but all that hard work will be for naught if your content isn’t up to scratch. Here are a few benefits of content marketing:

Online Presence

Content marketing is the best way to get found by your online audience. Content is what search engines use to find relevance between websites and search parameters. With regular updates to the search protocols and using AI to identify spam content, innovative content strategies get recognised and are ranked by popularity which if done properly will greatly influence your online presence.

Creative Control

There’s a fair amount of freedom attached to content when it comes to creativity. The only rules are focusing keywords and relevance to your website, company, or product. Other than this, you have complete creative control over what you want to present to your audience such that they will be interested in signing up with your cause.

Social Media Implementation

A large part of content marketing involves worldwide audiences in order to increase the potential of being found. Social media plays a crucial role in this and businesses have come up with highly innovative ways of presenting their wares to the audience over the various platforms. Most internet activity nowadays is on social networks which is ideal for identifying trends as they come so you can create content accordingly.

Successful Trends in Content

With every business vying for recognition on social media, some are simply following existing trends. 2017 has changed the rules of the game but some proven strategies are still valid.

Email Marketing and eCommerce

Personalised marketing has been the dream for ages, and email marketing has made it a reality. It has met with varying successes – enough to be applauded for potential – and works best with e-commerce websites. Email has proven one of the most successful content marketing strategies for businesses worldwide.

The Power of Comedy

Access to social media presents a different field for the advertising game. Comedy has reigned in a forum where criticism is freely given, and members are hard to please. From memes to videos, Snapchat and face-swapping, and even audio visual puns on popular trivia, social network advertising has been dominated by innovative content that revolves around humour.

Content marketing is still among the most efficient methods of getting found online, but the rules have changed. 2017 sees a sharp rise in video content, with further technologies like virtual reality waiting in line as untapped potential. With a little brainstorming, and investing in quality content creation, you can find yourself setting the next trends in content marketing.


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