Welcoming Phil Fernandez to Engagio – Building The Next Great MarTech Company

I am thrilled to welcome technology luminary Phil Fernandez as an advisor to Engagio. Phil is a co-founder and the former CEO and Chairman of Marketo, which we founded together in 2006.

Following the August 2016 acquisition of Marketo for $1.8 billion by Vista Equity Partners, Phil became a Venture Partner at Shasta Ventures, where he offers his expertise in creating category-leading SaaS businesses to early-stage organizations.

Note: Shasta Ventures is currently not an investor in Engagio.

The opportunity at hand:

“I’m passionate about fostering success across the entrepreneurial community,” said Fernandez. “Advising Engagio is a singular opportunity to work with Jon and the team to build the next great marketing technology company.

Success takes a little luck, and a lot of hard work. I want to continue a great tradition of working with Jon, who has a rare combination of intellect, vision, and a track record of disruption, to help Engagio be all it can be.”

A chance to build on the past:

“At Marketo, we built a model of excellence that grew to become the gold standard for marketing,” explained Fernandez.

“But, though the palette of tools available to marketers has continued to evolve, the industry that we pioneered has not. It’s become clear to me that many of the lead-based, email-dependent, inbound techniques we established have become stifling. It’s time to move on.

B-to-B organizations need new ways to reach their customers, and marketers need better ways to contribute to their organization’s growth.”

The potential for disruption:

Fernandez continued: “Engagio has a vision that is holistic, big and bold, and it’s coming at a critical time.

As the industry continues to change, radical upheavals mean the world has shifted out from underneath marketers. Jon is once again able to show the way as they seek new ways to approach their craft. He has continually been able to see with clarity how these changes impact the marketer, and is on the early edge of the next important trend in business with Marketing Orchestration.

I believe Engagio has the potential to transform the growth trajectory of organizations with practical marketing solutions that will set the pace for the next decade – and move the dialogue forward.

As an advisor to the business, I’m thrilled to be part of the journey, and to help take this exciting venture in the direction they want to go.”

Phil, welcome to the team! I’m glad to have your advice on this next adventure.


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