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I hope you are ready, because you’re about to get a full-blown video marketing strategy handed right to you. One that you can start running with TODAY, and get leads very quickly.

If you are ready to get started with video marketing but just not sure where to begin, you’ve landed in the right place.

By the time you finish this article, you’ll understand exactly why video marketing is so vital for any online strategy. The benefits of leveraging video in your online marketing (especially if you’re in the network marketing or affiliate marketing arena) cannot be ignored for serious home business owners.

We’ll dive into a simple 4-part formula that anyone can use to create videos that people want to see, will watch to the end, and will want to take action on once they’ve consumed your content.

Of course if nobody watches your videos, you may as well not have created them at all. So you’ll discover how the top video guy in our niche uses a 4-Step Promotion Process to get tons of views, leads, and sales quickly, rather than waiting around forever for your videos to rank…

And then we’re going to get you started with a game plan that you can start using TODAY!

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Why YOU MUST have a Video Marketing Strategy

There are some marketing platforms that you simply just can’t get away without using. More and more, when it comes to building a business online, video marketing is that thing.

In fact if you look around the home business industry, you’ll see that those who are having ultra success are using video in one way or another. There are tons of reason for this and we’ll get into them right now.

The Benefits of Video Content Marketing

Video marketing is the ultimate form of attraction marketing. It’s the closest thing to being face to face with your prospect as you can get.

The home business world, especially network marketing, is a business built around relationships. Video is the perfect way to bridge the gap of actual face-to-face conversations when you’re marketing online.

People want to know who they’re about to jump into a business with, who they are about to buy from, and who they are choosing to lead them toward their goals.

NOTHING lets your prospects do exactly that while looking directly into your eyes (even if you’re not looking directly into theirs) like video marketing.

Building Know, Like, and Trust with Video

The great majority of people in the world will not buy from someone that they don’t trust.

It’s just the way us humans work. Especially on the internet, where our guards are always up, and we’re always on the lookout for the ‘scammer’ lurking at the virtual doorstep. And if we’re being honest, we should be weary, and should take those precautions.

But how do you get someone who doesn’t know you to trust you enough to buy your product ro join your business?

There are two steps to get to that trust, and luckily, using video let’s you get through those two steps faster than any other available.

Before someone trusts you, they must know who the heck you are. Makes sense right? Do you trust people you don’t know? Of course not! Yet having someone look at your face, hear your voice, and listen to the words you’re saying directly to them on a video… lets them feel as though they have gotten to know you.

It’s like going from stranger to acquaintance without ever leaving home.

Once they’ve gotten to know you… through your personality, and/or the value that you bring into their lives and into their business, they begin to like you.

Especially if you’re talking about and giving a solution to a direct problem that they’re having right at that moment. We tend to like the people who help us get through our obstacles.

If you’re doing all the above on a consistent basis through video, then that repetition creates TRUST. Which is a ripe emotion to get people wanting to buy from you, or join your business.

Video marketing creates know, like, and trust faster than any other marketing platform available. In fact, there are plenty of times when that can all happen within just one video.

Staggering Video Content Marketing Stats You Need to Know

When you combine what we just went over above, to what we’re about to show you now, you’ll see exactly why video is imperative to start TODAY!

Video Is the Most Consumed Content Online Today

Of all types of content, nothing comes even close to beating video. People simply love video. There are plenty of reasons for that, but here are just a few that will play a big role in marketing a home business…

  • It’s easily and effortlessly consumed
  • You can see things demonstrated in real time
  • It educates and entertains us
  • It feeds both our visual and auditory senses
  • When done right, it pulls us into a trance
  • We are able to connect with the subject of the video at a deep personal level (Ever cried watching a movie?)

In 2017, over 71% of people online watch videos (and that number continues to grow year over year.)

By 2019, more than 80% of online traffic will be video traffic. What that means to you is that if you’re not using video in your online marketing, you’ll be at a huge disadvantage.

You’ll only be getting a small piece of the 20% of the online traffic that is left from those who are using it.

Imagine what happens if you start now? You’ll already be part of the equation, and not just tapping into the growth.

YouTube is the #2 Search Engine Online

The big daddy of search engines is Google of course. But how many times have you headed over to YouTube instead of Google when you wanted to learn ‘HOW TO’ do something? You’re not the only one!

In fact, some people predict that YouTube will overtake Google as a search engine some day soon.

People want easily consumed info, where what you’re looking to learn is demonstrated right in front of you. Online video is the new instruction book for EVERYTHING!!

Video Puts YOU and Your Business Right In the Flow of Online Traffic

Getting people to your messages is simply all about putting your content in the middle of the highway of online traffic.

Industry leader, and video expert Mark Harbert equates online video to the kiosks in the middle of the mall as an example. Why do they set up right in the middle of the mall? Because that’s simply where all the mall foot-traffic is flowing!

If you’re opening a brick and mortar business, isn’t better to have your storefront on Main Street rather than a side street where very little traffic flows? YouTube is certainly the main thoroughfare for video, but it’s not the only road in town!

Video Gets 400% More Engagement on Facebook Than Text Alone (And 2X That of Images!)

Your own habits will likely prove the above statement. Ever catch yourself watching a video on Facebook? Probably happened today if you’re like most people.

With Facebook being one of the key places that home business builders go for effectively marketing a business, it’s imperative to understand just how much better video does there than other types of posts. We’ll go much deeper into this in just a minute.

Video Content Marketing = Higher Click Thru and Conversion Rates

The purpose of marketing is obviously to get results.

If you want leads, sales, and sign-ups, then you want marketing that converts. And video marketing delivers on click thru rates and sales conversions like nothing else.


Video is proven to garner 27% HIGHER click thru rates than other online marketing strategies, and 34% HIGHER sales conversions. That can mean the difference between your business as a side income, or becoming a full-time income. That’s huge!!

70% of online marketers report that video marketing gets them higher conversions that other methods online.

To put it mildly, if you’re not using video marketing in your business, then you’re letting those who are using it, run laps around you. If you’re watching others have success online, and you’re wondering why you’re still struggling, then there’s a good chance that they are leveraging video marketing, and you need to add video to your marketing strategy immediately!

Getting Past the Fear of Video Marketing

Why do most people avoid using video in their online marketing? Sadly, it’s because of FEAR.

If that’s you, then it’s vital to understand that you’re allowing fear to hold back your success in a huge way. Again, over 70% of online traffic is video. So it’s time to shatter these fears, and do the thing that’s going to get you the best overall results.

Don’t worry, we’re about to help you with that right now!

5 Common FEARS of Getting On Camera

These are the 5 most common fears of getting on camera:

  1. Sounding Stupid
  2. Fear of How You Look
  3. Fear of What Others Think
  4. Fear of Negative Comments
  5. Fear of Not Know What to Say on Video

Let’s touch on each of these…

Sounding Stupid

Many people hate video because we don’t like the sound of our own voice.

We don’t hear our voices the way other people do in life. So when we hear our voice in a video, or even on a audio recording, we get a little freaked out. It sounds weird, so therefore we avoid creating videos because of that.

However here’s something to think about that might make you see this fear as silly from here on out.

The entire world hears your voice the same way it comes out on video every single day. Your videos are meant to go out to an audience, so your voice will sound exactly to them like it does to the people in your family, at the grocery store, on the phone, etc.

YOU are the only one who hears your voice as weird. So unless you plan on not talking to anyone ever, you may as well get used to it yourself. (Literally)

Fear of How You Look

The vanity factor is in all of us. Most people don’t like getting on video because we don’t like how we look. But honestly, just like above, every single day people see you the way that you appear on video. It’s how you look, and there’s not a whole lot you can do about that.

The truth is, it really doesn’t matter what you think about how you look on video! Your videos aren’t meant for YOU to watch.

What matters is that your audience is seeing a real person that they’re connecting with (although virtually.) In fact, your video audience cares very little about the way you look. They’re more worried about themselves than you.

Fear of What Others Think

This goes hand-in-hand with the above. But again, people are thinking much less of YOU when they watch your videos than they are of themselves. “What’s in it for me?” is prevalent on their minds nearly ALL the time.

What they care about is the value that you bring.

They care whether or not your video content is helpful to the problems they’re having in their business or their lives.

For instance, if you go to YouTube because the toy you bought your kid for their birthday didn’t come with instructions, do you really care what the person in the video that shows you how to put it together looks or sounds like? Heck no!

You care about WHAT they’re showing you, so that you can save the day and put the toy together for your kid.

What you look like or sound like is rarely on anybody else’s mind but YOURS. And if someone is thinking about that, who cares! That’s their problem not yours. Just be authentic, bring value, and be you just like you do out in the world, and you’ll be fine!!

Fear of Negative Comments

So let’s do this right here, right now.

If you’re going to use a video marketing strategy in your business, then get used to the idea that you WILL get negative comments on your videos. It’s a fact that you just have to learn to live with.

But better than just living with this fact, you should learn to embrace it! Because negative comments means you’re on your way.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the YouTube comment trolls, as seen here by HBO’s John Oliver:

For every negative comment you get, you’ll likely get 10, 20, 30 positive comments. Which means that as you get negative comments, you’re simply reaching more and more people. Learn to laugh at these comments, feel compassion for the people making them for just a minute, and then be grateful for them

Just remember, they’re not paying your mortgage, or putting food in your kid’s mouth, so what they say or think doesn’t matter. (Heck, you’d be surprised to know that many of them will circle around and buy from you anyway eventually because you’re the one proving your value!)

Fear of Not Know What to Say on Video

If you’re worried about not saying the right things, don’t worry because in just a minute, we’ll show you exactly what to talk about in your videos.

And remember, like everything else in life, the more you do it, the better you’ll get!

Your #1 Goal With Video Marketing

Your goal is simple. Get your message out there, and do it in a way that brings value to the marketplace.

When you do that on a consistent basis, it doesn’t matter how you look, what you sound like, or how many negative comments you receive. Your business will grow, you’ll get more leads, more sales, and you’ll build a following that creates an income that most people can only dream of. Video can’t be loaded: Video Marketing Strategy: Get Past Your Fears of Getting on Camera (

How to Create Videos Like a $6-Figure Video Marketing Expert

If you’re going to follow a formula, might as well be one from a top earner in the home business industry right?

So that’s what we’re going to do.

Mark Harbert has pulled in over 80K leads, and millions of dollars in commissions. The greatest majority of those came from video marketing. And each video follows nearly the same exact SIMPLE formula that you’re about to learn.

In other words absolutely anybody can use this formula to start creating videos. When you do, you’ll know that you’re creating videos that people will get sucked into, watch until the end, and will respond to your call-to-action. Even if you just started your business yesterday.

The 4-Point Video Creation Formula

This formula has been proven over and over to work like crazy for Mark Harbert, tons of his students, and many great marketers beyond the home business niche. This is your best and most effective way to get your message across so your viewers take the actions that you want them to take.

Step #1: Introduce Yourself (and your website)

The very first thing that you want to do in every single video is to introduce yourself, and your website or blog. ( Here’s how to create a blog if you haven’t yet done so!)

It’s as simple as: “Hello, my name is [Your Name] from [Your]!”

The reason for this is simply to brand yourself. Branding is a key fundamental for any business, and the more people consistently associate YOUR name with the value that you bring, the bigger your business will grow.

Step #2: Ask a Question Hitting a Pain Point

The next step in your video creation is to ask a question that deals with a problem that your prospect is having. Ideally, your videos should cover one topic per video.

That topic should be a problem area that your viewer needs the solution to move forward either in their business or in their life. Remember, people often will come to your videos to solve a problem that’s holding them back.

Of course this means that you must do your market research to find out the problems that your market is having.

So if you’re in the network marketing or affiliate marketing industry, then your viewer is pretty likely having trouble finding people to talk to about their business, generating leads, getting traffic to their website, or recruiting new reps.

Or perhaps you’re in the health market, selling supplements. What are things that your best potential customers may be struggling with? Weight loss, weight gain, pain, allergies, etc.

Your job is to do your research and find out these problem areas.

Then when you create your video, after introducing yourself and your website, you’ll want to ask that agitating question: “Are you having trouble finding new people to talk to about your business?”, or “Do you keep getting flagged on Facebook for spamming people with your home biz opportunity? Want a better solution that keeps you out of trouble?”

You’re simply pouring a little salt on this wound. But don’t feel bad, because next…

You’ll tell them that you’re going to give them the answer for exactly that question. The solution to their problem.

See how that can quickly demand attention from your prospect?

Step #3: Your Content

This is where you simply answer the question that you asked your viewer in step #2.

You are now relieving the agitation that you just caused (but what is essential to get people to keep watching your video!)

This is where you give your viewer the value that will make them like you, and begin to trust you, which makes YOU an authority in your niche. All because you’re solving a pressing problem that your viewer is struggling with, and YOU are the one that makes it all click for them once and for all.

And what happens then? They remember YOU!

Step #4: Call to Action – Lead Them to the Next Step

This is where you begin to build your lead list with video marketing.

Marketing is all about progression. Taking your audience through a progression of stranger, to prospect, to LEAD, to customer.

Your call-to-action in your videos will usually be the step where you get someone to request MORE INFORMATION about the topic that you’re covering in your videos.

So for instance, if you’re showing them how to lose the stubborn extra ten pounds that they just can’t seem to get rid of around the midsection, and you’ve give them 2 tips in your video, you can then lead them to a CAPTURE PAGE where you offer them a PDF Report where you’ve got “10 Tips on How to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat.”

If someone’s having this problem, who wouldn’t want the other 8 tips?

For the most part, you’ll want to get people to your email list. However, you can also take them to Facebook Messenger and build your leads list there.

It’s important to always have a call-to-action at the end of your videos. Because once they leave your video, there’s a chance that they won’t come back to it. You want to diminish the chances of that happening as much as possible, so that you can now get this viewer as your customer through your email or FB messages.

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What to Talk About In Your Videos

We discussed above how not knowing what to talk about in your videos could be an obstacle that stops you from moving forward with the video marketing strategy that we’re laying out here.

Of course that defeats the purpose for everyone, so let’s get right to work and fix that problem. By the time you get through this section, you’ll likely have more ideas swimming in your head than you’ll have time to create videos on.

That’s a good problem to have!

Invest, Learn, Teach

So here’s one that you can take and run with forever, and likely never run out of video topics for. How cool is that?

Ray Higdon is an expert at teaching how to become an authority in your marketplace. And one of the methods he teaches for doing that very quickly is called I.L.T. (Invest, Learn, Teach.)

Chances are that you’re likely spending time and money educating yourself about how to market your business, or progressing your education in whatever market that you’re in.

If not you should be!

Because the truth is that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel, or come up with something new on your own in order to teach your audiences through your videos. Because as you invest in yourself and take notes on what you’re learning, there is most certainly gold inside those notes.

Stuff that YOUR audience would probably love to learn as well! So as you take notes on trainings that you attend (webinars, products, ebooks, LIVE trainings, etc.) you’re creating a treasure trove of topics to teach on!

Simply take the ideas from those trainings, and create videos where you present these trainings, and add value to your audience. (Without plagiarizing of course!)

MLSP Trainings and Wake Up Calls!

This goes along the same lines as I.L.T. above.

Every single Wednesday Night here at MLSP… we have training webinars where our top leaders teach the most cutting edge, what’s-working-now strategies to help biz owners get more leads, sales, and sign-ups.

Not to mention that every single weekday morning, we have Daily Wake-Up Calls that dive into vital mindset topics that home business owners need to reach success.

These are perfect to take your notes during these trainings, and cut videos that go over these topics, so that you’re passing value along to your viewers and therefore becoming a trusted authority in your niche.

Topics in your Niche

No matter what niche you’re in, there are problems that come along with that niche. There are issues that people need help solving in your marketplace. If not, then it’s not a very good marketplace to be in.

Entrepreneurs solve problems! That’s our job, and if there are no problems, then there is no business!

For instance,if you’re a real estate agent, then there are questions people ask you every single day as you’re showing homes. Perhaps about how they can get into the home of their dreams. Or how they can qualify for a mortgage. These are prime topics that you come across every single day that you could create marketing videos around.

Or what if you’re a mechanic using this video marketing strategy to get new customers into your garage? Every single day you come across topics that you can create videos about as people drive their cars into your garage.

So if you’re a mechanic using the 4-Part Video Formula, the first 2 steps can look and sound like this:

“Hi there, my name is Joe Mechanic here at Joe’s Auto-Shop in [Your Town]. Have you noticed that your car tends to pull to the side lately as you’re driving? Are you worried that it might not be safe to be driving around like that? Especially if you have kids?”

Think that might appeal to someone, and suck them into your video? You bet it would!


If you want to figure out what your niche or ‘target market’s’ biggest questions and concerns are, do some simple keyword research! Figure out what questions they are asking!

Are there any Facebook Groups you can join to get in on the conversation?
Q&A sites like Quora or Yahoo Answers are great as well.
Reddit probably has a sub-reddit dedicated around your niche where people are always asking questions.

Figure out what your target market needs and then solve their problems!

This is exactly how you NEVER run out of video topics again! And it’s exactly how you become THE trusted authority in your marketplace!

Just Remember to Always Keep the End-Goal in Mind!

The end goal is to either get someone to a capture page, or if you’re the mechanic above (or have any offline business) it may be to get people through the door.

You want to work backwards with your videos, and lead your customers to your call-to-action with relevant info. Examples of these call’s to action could be –

  • 10 Ways to Get Your Mortgage Approved
  • A Free Oil-Change and Brake Check with a Wheel Alignment
  • 7 Ways to Get 5 Leads a Day for Your Home Biz Using Only Instagram!
  • You name it! (The possibilities are ENDLESS!)

You now know more than 99% of the people online about creating highly-effective videos that you can count on to:

  • Get attention
  • Tap into your target market’s biggest concerns
  • Build know, like, and trust with valuable content
  • Build a list of leads
  • Get new customers!

This proven video formula works like gang-busters basically anywhere that you can upload a video. Which happens to be just about anywhere online.

But here are some of the key places online where the 4-Part Video Formula will work for amazing results for your business.

  • Facebook Videos
  • Facebook LIVE Videos
  • YouTube Videos
  • YouTube LIVE Videos
  • Instagram Videos
  • Videos on YOUR Blog

As you can see, this formula simply works in any video form, because it follows a specific and proven path to take a viewer from someone who’s never heard of you, to someone who has a building trust in your credibility and authority.

In fact, this formula actually can work in other areas of marketing as well, that aren’t necessarily video related including: blog posts, articles, and emails. It’s a formula that journalists and marketers have used for many years.

Now we’re going to drill down on some specific video promotion tips for the two main places to use this video strategy effectively and fast.

YouTube LIVE Tips

LIVE videos ranks BETTER on YouTube than recorded videos do. Which is a good thing for you, because live videos also give you the chance to pick up more immediate engagement and lead generation from your videos.

Of course if you want to get your videos to rank, you’ll want to optimize them for your key search terms. How do you optimize YouTube Videos? That’s the subject for an entire blog post all it’s own.

But in short, there’s a quick 4 step process that Mark Harbert uses to rank videos.

Check Out the Video Below for the Proven 4-Step Process to Rank Videos…

It’s important to realize that the power of YouTube LIVE actually is in the recording of the videos. Once your video is no longer live, it doesn’t just disappear from YouTube. It sticks around, virtually forever!

This means that this one video can continue to get you 24/7 leads automatically as people search for your keywords. And again, these videos that start out as LIVE will rank better on YouTube than videos that you might just record and upload.

For YouTube LIVE videos, 3 to 5 minutes is the ideal length for video duration. So as you can see, these are not long marathon videos that you’ll have to create, and you can actually get through them fairly quickly when you use the 4-Part Video Formula that Harbert showed you.

The reason 3 to 5 minutes is fine, is because these will be videos that your viewers will type in their search terms to find.

Unlike a Facebook LIVE broadcast (which you’ll learn more about next) you don’t have to rely on your viewers to scroll to catch your live videos , or wait for them to get on after they’ve received the notification that you’ve gone live.

On YouTube, they search the term, your video gets ranked, and they then hit play to watch the video that gets right to the point with value!

Watch the video below for more YouTube video tips!

Facebook LIVE Video Tips

With over 2 billion monthly users on Facebook, and video being the clear winner for engagement on the site, it’s insane not to use Facebook LIVE!

There are certain things that will make your FB Live broadcasts more effective, and get more eyeballs to them, so we’ll go over that right now.

Use a Business Page (Not Your Profile Page)

If you’re going to be serious about using this video strategy to grow your audience and build your brand, then you MUST start using a Facebook Business page to do so.

If you’ve never created a Facebook Page before, it’s easy. Just go to and click on ‘Create Page’ at the top of your screen! Then follow the simple instructions to complete it.

Facebook LIVES should always be done on your business page, and there are very good reason for that.

First of all, your profile is limited. You’re going to max out at 5,000 friends on your profile. Yet you’ve got an unlimited amount of people who can LIKE your FB business page. So you have to think long-term and start using and growing your business page like a professional entrepreneur.

What if you have more people on your profile page right now? That’s fine, because you can always share your Facebook LIVE video on your profile page. But you don’t want to do it the other way around.

There’s a good reason for that as well.

You Can Send Facebook Ads to the People On Your Business Page (Not Your Profile)

What does that have to do with Facebook LIVE you ask?

It’s actually quite powerful.

On Facebook you can create custom audiences. Meaning, you can send ads to the people who have WATCHED your videos. If you’re new to this you may not understand the power of that just yet, and that’s okay.

Check out this scenario…

Let’s say you’re an affiliate for a product that talks about How to Get Leads on Instagram.

And then you decide to do a Facebook LIVE that teaches the basics of Instagram marketing.

You could then turn around, and target all the people who viewed your Facebook LIVE (including the recording), and send them an ad regarding the product that you’re marketing.

The product that’s teaching them all the advanced ways to truly leverage Instagram for leads.

You know they’re already interested in Instagram, because they just watched your video. So they’re the perfect, interested prospect for the product that you’re marketing.

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg with what you can do.

Bottomline, you MUST start using a Facebook business page if you want to use this video marketing strategy effectively.

Facebook LIVE Videos Should Be About 10 to 15 Minutes Long!

Why so much longer than YouTube LIVE?

Because you will get stragglers. People who don’t hear about your scheduled time could very well stumble upon your LIVE video as they scroll through their newsfeed.

People who have liked or follow your page, will also get a notification that you’ve started your video. They may take some time to mosey on over. So you want to stretch these out a bit and give them time to catch you LIVE so that they feel connected to you!

That being said there’s one thing that you don’t want to do…

Don’t Ramble In Your Facebook Videos. (Get Straight Into Your Content!)

All too often you see people on Facebook LIVE rambling in the beginning, because they’re waiting for people to get on.

They sit and call out everyone that comes on, even getting caught up responding to comments people are making as they get on LIVE.

This may seem like the right thing to do because you’re engaging, but it’s actually a mistake.

It’s okay to acknowledge people here and there, but 5 minutes of it gets very tedious, and here’s why.

The POWER of your FB LIVE, Is In the Recording!

When people come to your recorded FB LIVE, they know they’re watching a recording. So the fastest way to lose their interest, is to ramble on for those 5 minutes.

There are plenty of other things grabbing for this person’s attention online. And the last thing you want them to do is bail out before you even get started with your content.

Jump right into the content, just like you learned with the 4-Part Video Formula, and you’ll have happy viewers that get to see how valuable your message is to the marketplace right from the get-go!!

See These Facebook LIVE Tips In Action Below…

Action Steps to Get Started With This Strategy TODAY

The goal is for you to get started immediately with this video marketing strategy.

Luckily that’s possible these days, where you couldn’t before. In other words, gone are the days of having to wait for videos to rank before they’re consumed by your most targeted audience.

So in the spirit of taking immediate action, and getting FAST results, here’s how you can get going right away, even if you just got started with your business yesterday.

The Facebook Live Game Plan

This is the exact strategy that many new marketers are getting fast results with even after just getting started.

It’s also the same strategy that our go-to video marketing expert Mark Harbert would use if he was starting over from scratch today.

This Game Plan is simple, but here’s the catch.

You MUST BE CONSISTENT if you want the type of life-changing results that are possible. Don’t let the simplicity fool you. This is extremely powerful, and you should start following it immediately.

Broadcast a Minimum of 1 Facebook Live Every Single Day

Your job is to get yourself in front of your audience, and display your value and expertise to your audience, each and every single day. This will be the key to creating the required know, like and trust that leads to leads, signups, and sales!

One Facebook LIVE a day is something that absolutely anybody can do.

And if you’re feeling ambitious, and you want to do more, by all means… DO MORE!

Just make sure that you’re always giving value!

Run a FB ‘Like Ad’ to Increase Your Page Reach

This is the ‘Build an Audience’ variable to the MLSP mantra of:

  • Build an Audience
  • Engage That Audience
  • Sell to That Audience

Creating an FB Ad that brings people over to LIKE your page is simply priming the pump so that when you go LIVE and engage with audience through your Facebook videos (or push out your recorded videos) you’ve got more eyeballs ready to consume it!

If you’ve never created a Facebook ad before, you can download our Facebook Advertising walkthrough PDF below.

Use Step 4 of the 4-Part Video Formula in Each Video

In order to build your leads list, you’ll want to send viewers to a capture page on your domain where you offer something of value in exchange for their email address, and permission to contact them again.

OR, since you are already on Facebook – you can use Facebook Messenger and an application like Manychat to build a list directly inside Facebook! Check out our Ultimate Guide to Manychat for detailed steps on that!

Once on your list, this is where you get to sell to your audience.

As you can see this simply strategy sets the wheels in motion to start building your biz day after day, with each new video that you create, and each new recording that you promote.

Post Your Facebook Videos to Your Profile Page and Relevant Facebook Groups

The beautiful thing about Facebook is that you can quickly and easily tap into different audiences simultaneously.

For instance, you may have friends on your profile page that have not yet liked your business page. So you’ll want to share your FB LIVE on your profile to tap into that audience.

There are also various group online that allow you to share your FB LIVE Videos. Taking advantage of this lets you build up your business page, as well as your leads list, by tapping an audience that you didn’t have to build.


It’s vital that if you’re going to share in Facebook Groups that you always give as much value as you can. Your videos don’t have to be perfect, they don’t have to be slick, and you don’t have to be a professional broadcaster by any means.

In fact your first video(s) will absolutely stink. It doesn’t matter. Keep going. Nobody cares as much as you do. Soon enough you’ll be the person that people seek online.


You just have to give value that your audience can use to better their business or themselves in some (simple) way! And they’ll begin to love you for it.

If you do all of the above on a daily basis, you literally cannot help but build a thriving online business that gets a consistent flow of leads, sales, and sign-ups.

The reason is simple…

It’s because this PROVEN video marketing strategy ensures that you’re giving value to YOUR marketplace consistently, which creates know, like, and trust…and turns YOU into an authority in your niche!

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: We want to acknowledge and honor our dear friend and top affiliate Mark Harbert for providing the trainings above so that we could serve YOU, our beloved audience. Mark is the go-to video guy in our profession, and probably the kindest guy you will ever meet. Thank you for all that you do Mark to help the MLSP Community get better and better every single day!

– Your MLSP Team

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