Top 10 Brands Crushing it with Content Marketing 2019

Content marketing is the quintessential fuel required to grow your business in today’s era. Businesses have to step up on their online promotion or they will be left in the dust by competitors. Marketing through content creation is the perfect fit for small, medium, and even large size organizations.

Some benefits of content marketing are:

  • Content marketing helps establish your brand as an industry expert.
  • Better search engine rankings.
  • Rank other website pages besides just product based pages.
  • Drives conversions
  • Cost effective.

Not all content is created equal. Just like anything else, there’s good and bad quality content. According to the statistics , good content creators get 7.8% times the traffic than the usual ones.

Here is a list of 10 brands crushing it with killer content strategies:

      Land Rover

      Land Rover, a luxury car brand famous for several models, such as their Range Rover and Land Rover and Land Rover Discovery. In a departure from standard content marketing strategy, Land Rover is clearly the star of its content, with the vehicles owning the spotlight in copy, photos, and videos. [ Source]

[Land Rover’s star of their images used in their content is their product.]

Final Thoughts

With these over the counter brands in the game, make sure your amp up your content game in 2019. If you take clues from these mega successful content strategies, you won’t have to hire a fancy internet marketing consultant . You can have an edge in the market, being able to reap benefits from content marketing.


Lorenzo Gutierrez is a seasoned internet marketing consultant from the sunny state of California. Lorenzo has worked for huge corporations as well as local mom and pop businesses. This gives him a well-rounded approach; Lorenzo when not on the job likes to enjoy a sports game or try out a new local bar. Connect with Lorenzo on his social media accounts , and .


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