Skills gap needs to be addressed for digital marketing transformation

One of the biggest impediments to faster uptake of digital transformation is a lack of skills inside the organisation and a tight labour market beyond the boundaries of the company boundaries.

In a recent ADMA Think Tank the problem of developing and retaining the best digital capabilities registered highly among the key concerns of senior marketing professionals in the discussion.

This topic, and others are outlined in a new ADMA whitepaper called Digital Transformation in Marketing.

As marketing technology becomes more ubiquitous; advertising becomes more programmatic; and analytics becomes more central to every decision, finding staff with the right skills becomes critical. Marketers say a flexible approach to learning and development is critical.

But there are major concerns. Universities are turning out students whose skills are better suited to an old way of marketing.

And tight labour markets make finding and keeping the best new talent problematic. Marketers struggle with the problem of keeping everybody’s skills up to date and they argue you will never be on top of it.

Among the issues they identified;
* People need to re-skill much more quickly.
* Employees leave when they are not challenged so you have to keep them engaged.
* Millennials change jobs so frequently that skills often just walk out the door, which makes the company skeptical about training.
* Often the best approach is to find the best person for the role and then commit to training them up.
* New employees often come into an organisation knowing more than the people in the department which is the reverse of what happened in the past.

The bottom line, however, is despite frustration over churn and the concern of HR and finance departments that employees will take their newly acquired skills and leave, companies need to continue to spend money on both internal and external training for their people.

To learn more download the whitepaper today.


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