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Let’s be honest: Most educators don’t like marketing. Actively promoting or directly selling online courses doesn’t feel right to you. And we completely get it! You want to do what you are good at ⁠- teach! If you had a choice, you would have someone else do your school marketing.

And now with LearnWorlds, you can!

You can build your own sales team and manage it from your LearnWorlds dashboard, without having to hire staff, outsource to an agency, or pay extra for a third-party tool. We are making it easier for you to have experts or influencers do school marketing for you.

Today, we are more than excited to introduce LearnWorlds Affiliate Management.

Affiliate Management is one of our most requested marketing features. You asked for it ⁠- we listened!

With LearnWorlds Affiliate Management, you can launch, grow, and manage a customer referral program from within your online school. It is an industry-leading tool which provides a complete affiliate and commission tracking solution.

Affiliate registration, terms & conditions, commission set up and management and in-depth reporting – it is all built-in inside LearnWorlds, so it is guaranteed to work as it should, plus you don’t have to pay an extra $49 to $99 per month for a third-party affiliate management system.

This exciting new feature is available to all customers with a Pro Trainer or higher plan. Learning Center plans come with the full-featured version of Affiliate Management.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Let us briefly introduce you to the concept of affiliate marketing, in case you haven’t worked with affiliates before.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most widespread and lucrative methods for online businesses to grow their brand reach and generate more sales. It is very popular among service-based companies, including e-learning businesses.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online product creator pays commissions to a third-party business or website for sales generated from its referrals. Affiliate marketing is a way for online businesses to earn more money while at the same time rewarding their partners for referred customers.

In other words, an affiliate promotes one or more of your courses, and every time a referral registers for a paid course, you grow your revenue and the affiliate receives a monetary amount as remuneration.

The idea of affiliate marketing appeared before the ’90s but boomed in 1996 following the launch of Amazon Associates. Today, 15% of the total digital media advertising revenue is attributed to affiliate marketing (source: Business Insider).

According to stats from Web Market Support, 81% of marketers and 84% of publishers leverage the power of affiliate marketing. Authority Hacker states that merchants see 15% to 30% of their revenues coming from affiliate marketing, which is on par with SEO and PPC marketing. also reports that affiliate partnerships drive more than 20% of the annual revenue for publishers.

The main business benefit of affiliate marketing is that, once you start growing your network of affiliates, you practically have a sales team that expands organically which also has virtually zero maintenance costs.

At the end of this announcement, you will find more information about this method of marketing and how you can get access to more resources and ideas to help you grow your school.

New Growth Features for Online School Owners

To start using Affiliate Management right now, simply log into your school and navigate to the “Marketing Tools” menu. Then click on “Affiliate Program”.

Here’s exactly how Affiliate Management, one of our most sought-after features, works.

Launch Fast

Affiliate Management takes the hassle out of the equation. Every setting of your affiliate program can be found on one page for speed and simplicity. Go to “Marketing Tools” then “Affiliate Program” and turn the switch on to get up and running in a few clicks.

Enter your desired:

  1. Commission rate – How much will you be paying your affiliates? This is a percentage of the revenue generated by a referred user. LearnWorlds Customers with a Learning Center Plan can set a custom commission rate per affiliate.
  2. Cookie duration – This means if a user visits your site via an affiliate link and purchases something before the browser cookie expires, the affiliate who referred the sale will receive a commission for it.
  3. Commission maturation period – A delay (cooling period) before you pay your affiliates. This is necessary to account for refunds before you process commissions earned.

Attract Good Quality Partners

On the same page, you will find two important templates. They are practically pre-made pages that will help you attract and retain good quality affiliates.

  1. Self-register page – This page template makes it easy for new affiliates to sign up. You can customize this page to fit your brand using our powerful Pages Builder.
  2. Affiliate Agreement – Establish a fruitful partnership on clear terms using the pre-built Terms & Conditions page. Simply fill in the gaps with your company information.

You can also disable self-registration. If you want to keep your affiliate program within a closed circle, and manually register your partners.
What’s more, you are in complete control of who you pay and for which referrals. You have the ability to approve a commission or reject it if your affiliate didn’t abide by the rules of your program.

Increase Course Sales

Affiliate Management makes it easy to grow your network of active affiliates and, therefore, increase course sales.
There are built-in features to help you do exactly that:

  • Powerful customization – You set the basic and advanced options of the affiliate program.
  • Intuitive affiliate dashboard – Affiliate can easily log in and check out commissions earned and payouts due. We’ll explain more about the affiliate side of things later in this post (What the New Feature Means for Affiliates).
  • Pre-set affiliate link – This is unique for each of your partners.
  • Deep linking ability – Allow your affiliates to create links to individual pages or courses.
  • Choose which courses you want to promote – If you have more than one paid courses, it’s up to you which ones you want to allow your affiliates to promote.
  • Create and distribute coupons – You can create discount codes that your affiliates may use to promote your courses.
  • Custom commission rates – Do you want to reward an affiliate for their exceptional performance? Or, maybe give them an incentive for better performance? You can set an individual commission rate that will override the universal commission rate of your program.
  • Deep analytics – See how your affiliate program performs on a single dashboard. Find out which affiliates bring in more sales. Paint the complete picture of what works and what needs to be improved.

Reward Partners for Referred Customers

Our reliable and robust tracking system works 24/7 to match sales with affiliates. This makes LearnWorlds Affiliate Management stand on equal footing next to standalone giants of affiliate systems.

With LearnWorlds powering your affiliate program, your affiliate will feel safe regarding your company credibility. Reward your affiliates for the exact sales they have generated, and keep on rewarding them for life or for as long a referred subscriber remains with your business.

Schedule affiliate payouts in time.

Use PayPal, wire transfer or a method of your choice to pay earned commissions.

Get Access to Meaningful Data

Never lose control with Affiliate Management. Affiliates are given the ability to access as much information about their referrals as you allow them to.

Know exactly who your affiliates are and which of your courses they are promoting.

See which customers they have referred, how much revenue they are generating for your business, and what you are paying them.

Paint the complete picture of your sales funnel; Get reports on referred leads, customers and revenue per week, month, quarter or year.

What the New Feature Means for Affiliates

Your fans and students can now easily recommend your courses and get rewarded for referrals. With Affiliate Management, they have an incentive to send more of their friends and colleagues over to your school.

More Income Opportunities

Are your students happy with your course? Now they can use their custom affiliate link to mention your school on their blog, social media pages or newsletters. A commission is an extra incentive to send more related traffic to your online school.

By activating your affiliate program, you enable your partners to create an additional income stream, while you grow your school on auto-pilot.

Affiliates can append coupon codes that you generate to further customize their affiliate links and provide their audience with better sales incentives.

They can also create custom deep links to send traffic to specific pages of your school or to their preferred course. This way they can always promote the most relevant product depending on the context of their promotion.

Simple Dashboard for School Affiliates

Your affiliates get access to a simple, yet powerful, dashboard. They get a bird’s-eye view of their performance before they choose to dive into detail.


Affiliate Management is designed to provide complete transparency to both parties, the school owner and the affiliate. The readily-made and customizable “Terms & Conditions” page should provide information about the essential terms of your affiliate program.

When your affiliates are logged in, they get access to in-depth information about their referrals. But it’s your choice, as a school owner, whether you allow them to see the referrals contact information.

In any case, affiliates will be able to see and export data, such as the number of leads and customers generated, and commissions earned and payouts received. Payouts are listed in detail so your partners know the amounts they received and when they received it.

With Affiliate Management, transparency is enhanced and your company credibility is reinforced.

Get Started with Your School Affiliate Management

Ready to launch a fruitful affiliate program for your online school? Click here to log in and get started with Affiliate Management.

If you need further help with creating and managing a successful referral program, contact our support team or visit the following resources:

Knowledge Base: School owners, learn how to set up your affiliate program.

Are you a school affiliate? Here’s what you need to know.

Affiliate Management User’s Guide: Download the complete guide to our new feature.

The Ultimate Guide for School Affiliates: This is a template guide in MS Word you can download, edit and distribute to your partners to help them market your online school more effectively. It is an editable white-label report that can be customized to match your brand.

There are two more fantastic affiliate marketing resources coming up next that will help you master the art and science of affiliate marketing for your online business.

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