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Success in business is not determined by who gets more customers at the onset. Gathering the most number of customers when you are starting up your business does not automatically translate to profits. While you may earn more at the start, it is more important to improve the status and condition of your business in the long-term.

The only way for you to continually improve your enterprise is to gain loyal customers. The loyalty of customers is important as it secures a steady flow of profits. Loyal customers also ensure that you have an extended marketing department; with word of mouth, they will help you market your products and services.
The question that needs to be addressed at the present is how exactly do we gain a customer’s loyalty?

The answer: Digital Marketing!

The way Marketing is done has significantly changed over the years. From the one-way communication approach, most enterprises are shifting toward an approach where the business and the consumer are provided with channels to communicate about product information and service awareness.

Digital Marketing is a marketing approach that encompasses the selling of products via digital technologies including online media, mobile phone application advertisements and even digital display media.

Digital Marketing can contribute greatly to maximize customer satisfaction and increase the probability of customer retention. Digital Marketing can be an effective tool when you have considered a set of interrelated factors. Here’s an in-depth how-to on Digital Marketing:

1. Offer a loyalty program that is relevant to the consumers of your brand.

Introducing loyalty programs in the marketing mix is one of the most reliable and emerging trend today. Basically, it is when customers or members are given points or reward credits in exchange for a certain amount of purchase. In turn, they can use these reward credits to purchase more items or apply rebates to future acquisitions. In your loyalty programs, make sure that the credits they will earn can be used for something that makes them excited. For constant flyers, it would entice them to fly more with your airline if it earns them miles and points for future flight purchases. For retailers, you can offer a reward program wherein a customer will be able to get a limited edition product after reaching a certain number of points.

2. Show intimacy. Provide exclusivity.

Just like any relationship, a customer will decide to stay if they are made to feel that they are special. The primary advantage of digital marketing is it is a highway of opportunity to keep your customers engaged. By offering exclusive promotional packages and special services to existing clients, you are showing them that their loyalty to your brand is appreciated.

3. A customer comes because of the product. But a customer stays because of the company.

The customer becomes a consumer because the specs of a product caught his/her attention. However, a customer will decide to stay depending upon the experience that was given by the company. From the acceptance & processing of orders to after-sale customer service, customers take these factors into consideration. An enterprise should therefore highlight this in their marketing strategy. In your mobile ads and custom web designs, make sure to include an option to leave feedback even before the customer makes a purchase.

4. Be open to using new channels when connecting with clients.

Surely, having a company page in popular social media sites easily provide enough customer traffic but getting a website where all your content and products are showcased is still one of the leading trends in digital marketing today. Make sure that you communicate well with your website designer the things that you would like to be integrated into your website. Also, engage the services of a web designer like Infineca that not only provides layout and website development but also helps come up with content for your website.

Digital Marketing is one of the smartest ways to reach more audience and prospective customers. It allows you to sell not only your products but also your brand as a whole. By effectively selling your brand and strengthening your presence in the market, you can attract customers who are loyal and will stay for the long haul.

But it is not an overnight solution. Just like any other marketing method, you need to persevere, know your market and stick to the basic tenet of marketing: knowing what the customer wants! It will be quite a challenge but once you’ve mastered the tips enumerated above, you are on your way to being the best digital marketer in town.

Author: Garnet Smuczer

Hi! I am the acting CEO and proprietor of Infineca. I love helping businesses suceed and gain new clients in today’s digital world!


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