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Once a customer has made a purchase or pursued your services, they either leave your website or walk out of your store. So how do you continue to engage customers for repeat business?

The answer is Social Media. It provides an opportunity for businesses, big or small, to continue a relationship with customers and build brand loyalty. Here’s how.


Use your social pages to build a following of people who are enthusiastic about your brand. This means creating a strategy around quality over quantity. While some brands get caught up in the number of fans as a vanity metric and posting daily or multiple times a day, what sets winning brands apart is that they’re posting higher quality content less frequently to an engaged and enthusiastic community of fans.

Personalise Your Brand

Show authenticity, excitement and passion for your brand by adding a personal touch and a voice to your Facebook page. Show behind the scenes snaps, content about the team, and respond to comments or messages with character. People are more likely to engage and be loyal to a personal brand rather than an automated one.

Provide Value

Have you heard that Content is King? It’s true. Published page content should be 80% value-adding and only 20% promotional, so that customers are getting something out of your page. Share what is relevant and related to your brand and your target audience, including a mix of articles, images and videos. Post content that starts a conversation, calls for participation and provides a reason and opportunity for people to engage. All this helps position your brand as a leader in your industry.

Give & Take

The most effective relationships go two-ways, and it’s no different for brands on social media. You’ve got to give to receive, and to ensure that your customers have something to come back to. This can be with a birthday promotion, free shipping, a refer a friend offer or a loyal customer reward.

Social Listening and Customer Service

Consumers are no longer picking up the phone to speak to brands – they’re doing it online, whether they have something good or bad to say. Ensure your brand is engaging in community management, by responding to every comment or review with a personal response – not an automatic response. And do it quickly. Most people expect a response on social media within an hour.

Good customer service is just as much about acknowledging when people are happy, as well as when they’re unhappy. This can be as small as acknowledging when a customer engages with your brand. For example, if they’ve shared a photo with your product or have commented on your service, speak to them – thank them with a social shout out. Consider how much more likely someone is to repeat business if they’ve been acknowledged.

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