Gamification and Recognition Category Ideas for Direct Sellers

There’s a new way to recognize your direct sales team and customers for being awesome, and it will even help you improve your Facebook Group engagement and interaction. Best of all, it costs you nothing. Want to know the secret?

It’s called Gamification.

According to Small Biz Trends, Gamification is:

…a process for integrating game mechanics into something that already exists to motivate participation, engagement and loyalty. This can be almost anything, from your website to social media presence, day-to-day operations, customer engagement and more.”

Gamification can make your new consultant onboarding program way more fun, inspire your Hosts to go for more, and make team members/customers feel appreciated and valued. #allthefeels

Recognition badges are a key element of gamification, and you might have noticed Facebook is using them for both Pages and Groups.

Facebook Is Using Badges To Recognize Top Fans

My most engaged Facebook Page fans received a notification that they earned a Top Fan badge this week – and the responses were overwhelmingly positive, including:

“This made me feel so special!!” – Jennifer Pierce, The Cocoa Exchange

“Yes, me too! This made my day!” – Shalonda Taylor, Initials Inc.

“I got an alert!” – Jacki Pitkow, Tastefully Simple

“I’m super stoked about these Top Fan badges!” – Tara LaMagna, Lemongrass Spa

Jennifer, Shalonda, Jacki and Tara’s responses are proof that a simple recognition badge can be pretty powerful.

Here’s what the “Top Fan” badge looks like in the comments:

And the Facebook Group badge options can be found in Group Settings:

Recognition is built into our direct selling DNA, so creating your own badge categories for your customers and team is a smart idea. And, it’s really easy thanks to Facebook Group announcements and the badge graphic design options on Canva. Combine the two to create badges that inspire interaction and drive results for both your Team and Customer Groups.

Here’s how:

First, go to Canva and type the word “badge” in the search to find pre-made badge designs. I recommend using the square social media template, 800 x 800. Then, customize the badge colors and fonts to create recognition badges for your team and customers. Post each badge as an announcement in your Facebook Group and tag achievers each month. Encourage badge achievers to download their badge and post it on their social sites. This simple (free) recognition idea can help retain consultants and turn customers into loyal fans, because when people feel appreciated they tend to stick around.

Examples of Gamification Badges for Direct Sales

Watch this replay of my Social Girl LIVE show to see examples:

Get started with 23 Recognition Badge category ideas:

  • Elite Hostess: Hosts with top sales and bookings
  • Star Ambassador: Referred you to a friend who booked or joined
  • Fangirl: Customers who leave a review or post a Facebook shout out
  • Community Builder: Most engaged Facebook Group members
  • Party Rock Star: Held 2 or more parties
  • Celebration: Special anniversary or birthday
  • Hall of Fame: Repeat customers who purchase monthly

  • Crushed It: New consultants who achieve month 1 goals
  • Heart of [group or team name]: Members who are making a difference
  • Pop Up (or Party) Star: Consultants holding 4 or more parties per month
  • Team Awesome: Consultants or leaders who achieve your team goals
  • Community Champion: Most engaged group members based on Group Insights
  • A$K Kicker: Asked if someone wanted to learn more about their biz
  • Comfort Zone Breaker: Went out of their comfort zone
  • Circle of Excellence: Leaders with team sales of $10K or more
  • Record Breaker: Broke a personal sales or sponsoring record
  • Extra Mile: Went above and beyond for the team or a customer
  • Bounce Back: Consultant or leader who bounced back from failure
  • Trailblazer: Tried something new that inspired others that they can too
  • Possibility Thinker: Leaders who are moving up in rank
  • Make It Happen: Earned a company promotion (contest, trip, etc.)
  • Hall of Fame: Annual recognition achievers
  • Business Builder: Sponsored a new consultant

Ok, your turn! What badge category ideas do you have? Share in the comments below.

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