Full Focus On Guest Experience – mapping out the digital customer journey

I want to tell you about one of the most interesting meetings I’ve ever had with an hotelier.

The past year, many Hotel Managers have asked me to map out the digital customer journey of their guests.

“Because my guests book via so many different channels, including my own website, it’s difficult to keep track of what type of information they receive before arrival” is what I usually hear.

This challenge is why it’s good for an outsider, like me, to play the role of the guest. I then book a room on various channels, to understand the guest’s point of view. Usually, this process stops at the moment the guest would check-in: I only look at the pre-arrival digital experience.

That was until a few weeks ago, when I received a quite unexpected request from a GM. “Listen, I am doing everything I can to gather feedback from my guests. But I could use some more. ” Why don’t you come and stay at our hotel and let me know about your experience?”

This time, I would not just map-out the pre-stay digital guest journey …. but also provide feedback on the in-house experience as well!

Frankly, to receive this offer from a General Manager (GM) of a Crowne Plaza Hotel surprised me. In all honesty, if you would ask me to name an innovative hotel brand, I wouldn’t have immediately thought about Crowne Plaza…

But for this specific GM, guest satisfaction is a top priority. Full focus on the guest experience.


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