Five Ways To Engage Millennials Through Your Content Marketing

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Millennials are currently the largest generation, and they’re just getting into their prime spending years, making them an obvious client to market to. However, because they came of age during an era of tremendous digital advances, they’re a particularly challenging generation to understand. Their needs and preferences are always evolving with developments in technology.

Millennials officially sit in the driver’s seat and are influencing the relationship between marketer and consumer unlike any generation before them. Nearly two in three millennials block ads.

Millennials value happiness and diversity and place less emphasis on marrying and having children. They believe that economic accomplishment is important in adulthood, but they don’t believe that money is the best measure of success. If you align your message with what truly matters to them, you’ll be able to really speak their language and connect on a deeper level.

Here are five key ways to ignite engagement with millennials.

1. Use data to drive your marketing.

Marketing trends in the digital age are always shifting, so make sure you’re paying attention to any changes in order to adjust your approach accordingly.

While there’s certainly an aspect of creativity that goes into developing content, ignoring data is a big mistake. Data will guide you to the most effective methods of reaching your target audience. I recently had Joe Martin, head of social insights at Adobe, as an expert guest on my weekly, #Millennialtalk chat, where he dropped some golden nuggets on how to create an effective content strategy.

“When you are better able to understand your audience with your content data, you will find that higher engagement will follow and it will lead to a richer brand experience,” Joe said. “Also, from that information, you can form a stronger editorial calendar around topics your audience will more naturally engage with on social and can provide opportunities for content to target specific demographics or psychographics.”


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