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Earlier this month, we got a chance to talk with Mr Jitesh Banga, Digital Marketing Head, Adeptia, to gain sight into enterprise ecosystem integration & best-of-breed technology that is driving digital transformation in companies aiming to drive their business forward.

Our discussion focused primarily on how ecosystem integration can help organizations, from frozen-yoghurt franchises to life-saving healthcare units, attempting to digitally transform and gain financial sustainability, operational excellence, technology assets and other business objectives.

Q: What makes up a strong ecosystem integration solution? How does it affect the ability of an enterprise to digitally transform itself?

A: Integration space today is brimming with choices- no doubt about it. As a matter of fact, users are witnessing an explosion of niche, pre-built applications with a promise of making business ventures successful.

A strong ecosystem integration solution that is geared for digitally transforming enterprises should not only align their businesses with evolving digital paradigms, but also help users amplify their revenue and productivity. In my eyes, these are the foremost capabilities of a strong solution:

❖ Prebuilt templates to deliver self-service integration to operational people to ultimately hasten their onboarding process, therefore enlarge their market share and accelerate time-to-revenue.
❖ Intuitive, easy-to-use, and readily available dashboards position enterprises to offer a delightful customer experience.
❖ Modernized Integrated infrastructure offers supreme agility and flexibility to the enterprise’ operational structure, making them easier to do business with.

At Adeptia, we are working on this ideology by making these key features as the core pillars of our product. Additionally, we are ensuring that our customers don’t have to bear the burden of a heavy software implementation, additional cost, or developer support.

With these features in mind, an enterprise can enable its logistics people to be the agents of change, thereby multiplying the ability to digitally transform the business. By accelerating the the whole O2C process digitally, these agents of change are perfectly positioned to help the enterprise accelerate their revenue.

Q: How exactly does Adeptia Solution accelerate O2C processes and help enterprises in reaching revenue faster?

A: Order-to-cash process, a defining part of a company’s success, plays a big role in driving the relationship with the customer. Optimizing O2C processes helps to yield remarkable benefits that ripple throughout the business contours.

Adeptia’s solution allows operations such as customer onboarding in real-time, thus promoting faster transactions. In addition, it solves the issues of having large, complex data sets – business users can deal with (integrate) semi-structured or unstructured data in any format with ease and precision.

The time advantage gained by lifting the burden from IT staff and moving it to operational staff results in an agile O2C process from the first step to the last.

Q: Tell us more about Adeptia’s no-code integration. What are the commercial benefits to enterprises looking to digitally transform?

A: A no-code integration approach allows enterprises to carry out their integration operations at a much faster pace, thereby boosting productivity.

Adeptia’s no code integration helps enterprises achieve their digital transformation objectives by automating workflows, creating connections, and scaling them for monetizing b2b ecosystems.

Apart from that, business users can use self-service integration feature to integrate their business ecosystems, making them easier to do business with their partner entities without the need for using heavy restructuring, computational force, or engineering intensive operations.

Our no-code approach puts an organization’s IT in the governance role, allowing data exchange management along with handling critical tasks, thus increasing IT productivity, eliminating Shadow IT, and delivering outstanding customer experience.

Q: What would you like to say to those who refuse to embrace digital transformation?

A: Change is the only constant. Period.

For companies to grow and prosper while synchronizing with the digital modifications happening in the world of business, undertaking focused digital initiatives is essential.

This helps companies understand today’s consumer requirements well and simultaneously attract future customers with best-in-class customer experience. By embracing digital transformation, enterprises can:

➢ Bolster workflow efficiency
➢ Increase IT and business productivity
➢ Fast forward revenues
➢ Lower operational costs
➢ Deliver excellent customer experience
➢ Attract future customers

Having said that, I would ask companies to refrain from adopting the cold turkey approach. It would instill chaos and anarchy in the organization and that could do more harm than good. Change should be incremental and steady.

With the help of our ecosystem integration solution, businesses can give a kickstart to their digital transformation journey. Further steps like establishing a multidisciplinary team & a governance framework, indulging a multichannel approach, and defining talent acquisition strategy can help smoothen their journey and accomplish final objectives.


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