Emerging Technologies Pave the Way to Enhance Personalized Digital Customer Experience

~ Jerry Gregoire

“Walk an extra mile to provide excellent customer experience.” the global mantra still holds true. Innovations in the Digital Space has empowered brands and their presence. Enhancing customer experience truly lies in simplification of interfaces and complexities. Brands are continuously in the quest for new experiences and breaking through the traditional multi-channel customer journeys. Tech evolution led conventional marketing methods to take a back seat and give way to technology driven marketing strategies. When innovative and efficient technologies such as AI, chat bots and machine learning are dominating, it is no rocket science to reach out to your potential customers. However, acquiring their attention for long enough is not a child’s play.

The main motive remains to connect with the customers across contexts to create interest in them and engage them quickly. To ensure the same, innovative strategies are applied to achieve goals such as enhancements in the touch points to offer better micro-experiences, enhancements in brand image simply by integrating the context of user to the experience.

Marketers are required to provide personalized digital experience for which they need to pass through various phases including data gathering, in depth research, data interpretation, and segmentation of customers, designing relevant marketing strategies according to different target groups, time-to-time evaluation, and creation of personalized content. How should you achieve personalization at a global scale?

Deep Dive into Big Data

Marketers have a large pool of information to research, understand customer behavior and identify the key factors that increase conversion and influence the customers’ decision. The process is quite complex since there are many aspects to keep in mind while decoding such as their industries, age, cultural background, geographies. Thus, interpreting data might be challenging but in-depth research and previous experiences will help in coming to conclusion for the most accurate marketing strategy.

For instance, marketers could pick a certain number of users from similar background, identify their behavior on their website, mobile version of the site, mobile application, and observe the areas that interested them, what are their needs and what are they looking for. A perfect real time example would be ecommerce website such as Amazon that provides the best-personalized experience to their customers that result into rapid increase in their conversion. They greet old users with warm welcome back messages, offer products from similar categories that they have searched previously, understand their likes and dislike from their behavior only by interpreting their behavior pattern.

Tracking customer behavior will help in identifying strong and weak areas that marketers can experiment. This will further help them to come up with strategies that provide better personalized experience.

Segmentation of Customers

When you are catering to the global audience, providing personalized experience is difficult since there are many aspects such as different geographies, cultural background, beliefs, business mindset that influence the marketing strategies. ‘One for All’ rule cannot be applied here. Hence, you must identify your customers, divide them into different groups according to their needs, and deliver a relevant personalized message to each group.

Smart use of big data and data analytics will provide you enough information on your customer behavior. According to your objectives and business goals, design your strategy. For instance, an IT company might want to target organizations from multiple industries that are looking for technological solutions. Designing your website and mobile application that is user friendly for your target audience is the first step towards enhancing digital experience.

Today, multiple channels including website, mobile app, mobile version available, marketers are required to manage through all the channels and provide the same experience considering different aspects associated with customers. Running the strategies for a short time instead of longer duration will give you a quick result whether your strategies are working or not and enough time to improve on weaker once. Adopting agile methodology will help you get a grip on successful patterns.

Guideline to improve customer journey through personalization

“In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.” ~Doug Warner

Keep check on your competitors and make sure you are not walking on a wrong path. It is crucial that you design the most effective marketing strategies, study the past behavior, gather relevant information and consider them while creating the strategy.

Unleash chat bots: Customers like to be valued. Chat bots are there to assist them instead of having them navigate their way through your website or spend time on research to find. Digital and intelligent assistants help them throughout their journey and provide exactly what they are looking for. Eventually this will not only attract the new customers but also bring loyalty in the old customers.

Personalized Content: According to Seismic and Demand Metric, over 60% of B2B businesses have adopted a content personalization strategy where 48% believe it is more effective and 32% believe it is much more effective. ( Source) B2C businesses have proved personalization implemented in right way could bring more sale and research – facts back this strategy.

Content Distribution: Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time is not only important but also necessary. Internet has allowed customers to compare, evaluate and criticize which could turn into a disadvantage if you have not done it right. No matter how great your content is, if it is not relevant, it will be not effective. So convey the relevant message to relevant customers.

Whether you are a startup or an established company, involved in education, ecommerce or IT domain, it is essential that you provide personalization to enhance your customers’ digital experience, which will directly lead to increase in conversion. Cygnet can help you in great deal in providing you smart and intelligent technology solutions that provide better experience to your customers. For more information on technological solutions and enhancements, write to us at inquiry@cygnetinfotech.com


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