Customer-Centric Website Design: A Beginner’s Guide

Often our feedback processes aren’t producing valuable results because of the language or methods we have in place.

Here are a few simple and actionable tips to improve the likelihood of specific and helpful feedback:

  • Ask open questions instead of asking for a score
  • Ask specific questions instead of requesting “feedback”
  • Reach out directly
  • Create a survey
  • Don’t forget to say thank you when you receive feedback!

Another way to get honest and specific feedback is user testing.

Usability tests are a valuable tool because you can actually watch users interacting with your website.

This adds additional insight into audience behavior because you can see what they are drawn to, what confuses them and what makes them want to see more.

There are inexpensive services out there such as that help you to identify and eliminate problems.

By combining customer feedback and user testing you begin to build a strong basis for design decisions to be qualified and implemented.

III. You’re Listing Product Features Instead of Describing How Their Life Will Change

Marketing tactics have changed a lot in the last few decades and our approach to selling goods and services needs to evolve with the changes.

Advertising used to be very driven by brands listing product features and telling the customer as much information about the product as possible.

Now, consumers are much more brand savvy and instead of listing features we need to start convincing customers of the benefits that our product or service provides.

Even better:

We need to show them the transformation in their lives.


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