Content Marketing Trends for 2019

Content marketing is becoming a popular source of marketing. In content marketing content is created with the intention to produce a desired goal. The goal may be to increase your brand exposure or search engine rankings. Once their audience reads the content, they understand more about the brand and what they offer. So next time they need that product or service they are more likely to do business with them in the future. Over the year content marketing has developed and trends have changed. Each year business organizations need to adapt to the new trends to stay up to date. Some of the new content marketing trends for the year 2019 are discussed below:

Product information that is transparent can appear authentic to consumers. A consumer wants brands that they can trust. In the world of business, there are many scams. This is why they need to know which brand is real. This is why authenticity is important to consumers. Numerous studies have shown that consumers are willing to pay brands with a good reputation. Some of the interesting examples of such content writing are given below:

TOMs shoe is famous for one of their marketing ideas named ‘one for one’. In this initiative, one pair of shoes will be provided to children in need for each purchase. The content made it clear that what they are willing to do here.

Another similar approach was made by Southwest Airlines. In this content, they provided information on ‘how to outsmart airline fees’.

Authenticity and transparency can bring in more consumers.

When applying content marketing don’t flood your audience with information about your product and service. The content needs to be informative but it must also be able to connect with the consumers. One of the ways to connect with customers is through live chatting. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media act as a great platform for this connection. If the services are prompt to reply, and the answers express that customers question is heard and answered it can be a great way to win consumers. When there is a live connection with the consumer, they know that this brand can be trusted.

In Google, there are thousands of contents available. In this world of the internet, the content needs to catch the eye of most consumers. In a google search, the first visible content is more likely to be visited. Google tends to show the long content first on the search list. This is because according to google long contents are good quality content on the internet. Investing in long content are qualified to be high quality in google. So, in order to win consumers with google search money needs to be invested on long content.

Content marketing through the article is a fine way to disperse information among customers, but it is not the only way. Content marketing can be done with videos, podcast and other creative ways. Content marketing should be done in a way that is easily accepted by consumers. It must also be appealing to consumers, so the content stands out. Content marketing can be done with an interesting short video, some graphic posters or other creative ways to win customers. The goal is to make products appealing to consumers to increase their sale.

As search engines are developing, visual search is becoming popular in different website. There are a number of websites that are working on image search. If the product is available in visual search it can really boost sales of the product. Visual search allows consumers to take a picture of the product and search it on the internet. So, they can find all about the product information and where they can get the product. Visual search is a new way of searching. It can help increase sales with the click of a picture.

Nowadays, social media is one of the best options for digital marketing. Social media helps to get the news spread across consumers quickly. Instead of posting promotional based content focus on creating content that is informational, tells a story or a simple hack. This is a way to relate to your audience. When an audience can relate to a brand they like them more and people choose to do businesses with who they like.

Although most people ignore the ads on the internet if done right they can provide a consistent supply of sales and leads. Working as an internet marketing consultant one way I market my content assets for clients on paid channels such as Facebook is to use an informational post such as a guide and serve that to a cold audience. This is a way to warm up an audience to your brand before you start to serve them product based ads.

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