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Content Marketing: How to increase brand loyalty?

Competition is only getting more and more fierce as the days go by. With the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence and more, businesses are racing to get clients or customers’ attention. A number of big corporates are investing a big amount of money, millions in USD, in order to keep updated with the latest tools or techniques. These are all fine, it’s just that increasing brand loyalty in content marketing can be as simple as changing your voice to your community. It’s still your voice, but you put a different touch to it.

How do you increase brand loyalty?
By using personality, clarity, consistency and data.


“Don’t talk to stranger.” Little children always get this advice from their mom. In Indonesia, there’s a saying “Tak kenal maka tak sayang,” which means, if you don’t know something or someone, then you simply don’t care. In order to earn the like and trust from your clients, you need to add personality to your message. People want to buy from a brand or someone they know. In some cases, the brand can be the person, like Tony Robbins, for example. People are more rooted to people they know.

Build trust by adding more personality in your voice and message. You don’t need to get too personal and say you’re married with children, or single and available, though. Simply add some personality that also has something related to the content of your brand or (online) business. Furthermore, you need to put a context in everything you’re saying. In every message you share. Don’t just post of a photo of your favorite meal, but put a context behind it. Why did you post it in the first place?

Don’t be a stranger. Tell your story to your audience.


Have you come across a situation where you have so much to offer that you overwhelm yourself? Your audience can get tired listening to too much messages which are not relevant to them. Pick one offer you would like your community to know and have this across all your messages. The simpler your message is, the more they will be more likely to lean in and listen. Choose one that you feel most needed or connected to your audience.

When you describe your business, would people understand it? You can test this with people and see their reaction. The description needs to be as simple as possible and not using technical language, avoid jargons. Don’t assume people have the same level of knowledge in your field as you do. Else you wouldn’t be an expert in it?

In addition, try to come across as someone who leads and shows the way, rather than the most successful and smartest people in the room. Be the counselor instead of the big boss. I hope that makes sense to you. If not, I’d love to hear what you think about it.

An example of a simple message is to simply present a problem to your client, why your product or service solve that problem. The idea is by using your brand, they will achieve success in achieving their certain goal. Have a clear promise in your message.


Be consistent in being present. Your audience will stay more loyal to you when you’re consistent in being present to them. Not only with the content of the message but as far as you can, be consistent with the time that you put the message out to them. This is more comparable to TV shows that appears regularly at the time the watchers expect it to appear. Human beings like to know when and what to expect.

Data driven.

Data driven content marketing is needed to increase engagement between your brand and your clients or customers. It needs to start early in buyer’s journey, turning them into your loyal customers and joining your community. Before creating content, it’s important to do your research and analysis, before producing and distributing your content, so you can track the performance of your contents. This way you are more targeted in your content instead of randomly communicating in bulks. The more targeted your message is, the higher the likelihood your customers will be loyal to you. Learn how to create content that engages.

So, how do you increase brand loyalty?

You increase brand loyalty by adding personality to your content, be clear with your message and be present where your community is. Make it as simple as possible.

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