Brands Are Becoming Accountable for Where Digital Ads Show Up

Becoming Engulfed by Digital Multimedia

Photos, videos, graphics and more are taking over our online experience. And in response, companies and publishers are all pouring money into developing even more multimedia for us to consume. How do we know this? These numbers tell the story. – Farhad Manjoo

How We Get Redpilled, Cucked and Triggered Online

The alt-right’s most enduring legacy may be its lexicon. With passphrases borrowed from sources as varied as men’s rights message boards and pro-Trump YouTubers, the language has escaped its origins and lodged firmly in our national discourse. Pull up a chair – it’s time for a vocabulary lesson. – Kevin Roose

A reference to a scene in “The Matrix” that is now used to indicate a person who has achieved a state of right-wing enlightenment. Becoming “redpilled” could mean realizing that Jews control the media, or that feminists are the real oppressors.

The state of being earnestly offended by an opposing view. On the right-wing internet, being triggered is an automatic admission of defeat.

A weak, emasculated liberal, or a right-wing politician who has abandoned conservative values. Short for “cuckservative,” a portmanteau of “cuckold” and “conservative.”

A term borrowed from social science, now used to refer to liberals who conspicuously express left-wing values, primarily for the purposes of impressing other liberals.

Cryptocurrencies for All. Or Even for Nothing.

Today’s virtual currency market is a lawless free-for-all, and as with any good gold rush, scammers and schemers have moved in alongside legitimate peddlers to create their own digital currencies for all manner of things. Here are a few egregious examples of crypto-world flotsam that have succeeded despite themselves. – Kevin Roose

Photographs by John Yuyi. Art direction by Antonio De Luca, Jason Fujikuni, Agnes Lee. Produced by Andrew Rossback. Modeling by Sara Hiromi, Jason Fujikuni.

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