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Have you ever heard about viral growth? If you don’t, this sounds nice, doesn’t it? To explain it simply, having a viral growth means that your users invite 1 or more friends to join. Let’s say 1 user uses your product. If this user invites 2 friends to use your product (And let’s say these 2 users actually use your product), then, you’ll have 3 users. After that, if these 2 new users also invite 2 of their friends; then, you will have 7 users, and so on… Viral growth (Or also called referral marketing) has been used by successful companies like DropBox, Paypal, Candy Crush, Uber, AirBnb and many more. So, trust me, referral marketing when done right can have a huge impact.

So, do you want to have viral growth? I’m sure you do. To help you creating a great referral program, try Queue! This is a great too, which makes it easy to create viral waitlists, referrals, giveaways and contests. Many businesses have succeeded thanks to referral marketing, you should try it too! You don’t believe me? Take a look at those 14 referral marketing examples then.

Another tool to help you with viral growth. InviteReferrals has an insurmountable reputation as one of the most efficient growth hacking tools for both mobile and web-based applications. This tool is particularly advantageous because it transforms customers into marketers as they refer and recommend your product to their friends.

InviteReferrals also has a very effective tracking mechanism that monitors the rate of referrals and conversions as well. To expedite the rate of referrals and registration which is a prerequisite for growth, the growth hacking tool makes use of incentives for referrers and eventual registration.

InviteReferrals is a formidable growth hacking tool with a heightened chance of success as people have an inclination to accept offers when it is referred by a friend or a satisfied customer. There is a variety of referral programs on which are summed up by the following three:

– The Giveaway campaign offering immediate discount coupon on referrals. The Giveaway campaign usually causes sensation that propels exponential traffic growth.

– Top Referrer Contest encourages competition amongst referrers by identifying the three highest referrers for incentive once the referral program is completed.

– The Goal based customer referral program is focused on the conversion of referrals in the form of sales, registration which would attract incentives to the referrer.

Customer.io is a tool that assists you in delivering personalized messages with features that allow for easy segmentation, detailed monitoring and A/B testing. Customer.io is applicable both on desktop and mobile devices. They even offer features that monitor conversions that are stimulated by messages.

If you are in the startup world, I am sure you’ve heard about Trello. Trello is a great tool to manage your schedule, tasks and progress. It’s kind of scrum but on your browser. Also, Trello is not only for your personal organization but it’s a collaborative tool. So, you can check the progress of your co-workers, employees, freelancers and more. This is a must-have tool!

Slack is probably as popular as Trello in the startup industry. If you want to communicate with your co-workers but you find Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or emails not convenient, try Slack now. This is the best tool to communicate easily with your team.

Don’t have a marketer, a designer, a translator, a content creator, a web developer or a programmer in-house? Try UpWork now. You can hire a freelancer in minutes by selecting their skills, experience, language, price range and more. At Growth Hackers, as soon as we need some work done and we don’t have the capabilities in-house, we turn to UpWork and you should too!

Apifier is one of those great growth hacking tools that need to be known. It enhances the extraction of arranged data from any source with incredible ease and convenience. Apifier through javascript is able to replicate structural data within a short period of time and without stress. You can scrap almost any website with Apifier.

You can create a significant amount of structural content too. If the content is in tabular, graphical and other related forms, Apifier will help you create the content easily while eliminating the stress of copy and paste. This is particularly relevant when trying to create substantial inbound marketing data.

Totango is heavily focused on generating conversions which is often the bottom line of most growth hacking tools. Totango offers a great deal of relevant features and functionalities in the way of identifying users that are actually concerned about buying and who are not just exploring.

Totango creates a distinction between different kinds of users and also provides a consistent monitoring while providing the required level of persuasion that will certainly engender conversion. Some of the most outstanding advantages of Totango are centered on the fact that it can help you concentrate your efforts on customers that are actually concerned with taking action; it provides adequate information for effective monitoring of clients.

Consumer Barometer is very beneficial to online businesses as it provides all of the insight they require for strategic business planning and implementation. This tool will help you define a marketing strategy. Some of the core benefits of Consumer Barometer are centered around the fact that the tool is easy to start with a variety of features that allows you to execute various processes with considerable success.

If you followed my tips and tried many of the tools above, it means you’ve created a lot of accounts protected by a password. Let’s not lie to each other here: I am sure you don’t create a unique password for each platform or tool you signup for. This would be the way to go but people are too lazy to do so. With all these tools, remembering your logins and passwords can be impossible and this is why you always use the same. Then, use Lastpass! This tool will create a unique password for each of your accounts in order to make them more secure. Plus, with this tool, you can share login details with yourself and your team. All you need is to remember a single “Master” password for LastPass and you’ll stay secure.


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