4 Steps to Draft a Social Media Marketing Strategy!

Anuja Lath

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LinkedIn Top Voice 2017 | Co-Founder CEO RedAlkemi

Social media marketing allows businesses to interact with their target audience via the internet through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. The evolution in technology has led to this platform becoming a game-changer in the world of marketing.

Social media offers a platform through which you can interact with prospective clients, increase your referrals and sales of products or services, build up an image through word of mouth and also receive productive feedback. Cohesive planning is the initial step for a social media marketing strategy. Crafting an effective social media marketing proposal for the correct audience can be a real challenge, so it is important to keep the larger picture in mind.

Check out the steps to create an effective social media marketing plan:

Detailed market analysis

This is an initial process that is followed to understand what benchmarks have been set up by the organization in the past and also by its competitors in the market, recently. For this, a thorough market research is required to get an insight into the emerging trends and understand the customers’ requirements. Awareness of the most popular Instagram or facebook trends could facilitate the success of your social media marketing strategy. An analysis of social media exchanges about your product or service could also help you understand which factors customers use to rate a brand. By analyzing these factors one can increase the effectiveness of social media marketing.

LinkedIn Top Voice 2017 | Co-Founder CEO RedAlkemi

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