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Finding a solid digital marketing or growth hacking agency to work with can be overwhelming; there are a million agencies out there, vying for your attention. Going with a company focused on growth marketing offers significant advantages. A reputable growth hacking agency will be able to rapidly test what works, then optimize your campaigns and scale quickly. That means you’ll get the highest ROI, and build a solid foundation of data to keep growing your business. But finding a growth hacking agency that fits your needs is no easy feat.

Growth hacking or growth marketing is still a relatively new discipline. And since Sean Ellis started the data-driven trend almost a decade ago, many traditional agencies have struggled to adopt the nimble tactics of growth hacking. But as Ellis’ principles have been proven over time (just look at Slack’s incredible rise to fame), a new crop of agencies has sprung up that specialize in growth hacking specifically. Here’s our take on the 22 best growth hacking agencies around the world.

Location: London, UK

Works With: Early stage SaaS startups

Tag Line: “The sky is not the limit.”

Who They Are: Cheeky growth hackers that are really good at getting early traction. GrowthRocks is one of the only agencies to explicitly work with crowdfunding campaigns, and works with startups to find the sweet spot of product and market fit. In addition to working with SaaS startups they also offer consulting for many startups, and growth hacking trainings.

Location: New York City

Works With: SaaS, eCommerce and B2B brands

Tag Line: “True data-driven growth. No marketing fluff. No budget waste”

Who They Are: A growth marketing agency founded and run by proven former heads of marketing and growth at successful tech brands. They ‘ve successfully grown many companies from hundreds to millions in revenue. Nogood has worked with IBM, J&J, Amex, Heineken, Southern Marsh, Harver, Workzone and many others.

Location: Kentfield, CA

Works With: eCommerce

Tag Line: “We help companies grow through strategic, data-driven experimentation.”

Who They Are: Experienced growth marketers. They’ve worked with some of the biggest names out there, including Facebook and Trulia, with a focus on paid advertising and A/B testing to find a “competitive advantage”. Their business model is unique, as is their culture; their webpage sites that their team will always “give a shit”. And they operate on a subscription, rather than hourly, basis.

Location: Venice, CA

Works With: eCommerce and B2B

Tag Line: “We drive ROI for growing companies using cutting-edge growth marketing.”

Who They Are: Badass marketers and founders, or as they prefer, just BAMF. Co-Founder Josh Fetcher is credited with starting the viral LinkedIn storytelling trend, and BAMF offers a strong focus on LinkedIn influencer marketing. They also manage a Facebook group of over 18,000 marketers, and are experts in community building and virality. As their name suggests, they approach growth marketing with flair and have grown companies like Unicorn Snot and Bear Squeeze.

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Works With: eCommerce Companies

Tag Line: “Your team of data-driven growth marketers. Ready to grow your company?”

Who They Are: Expert growth hackers at scale. They’ve worked with big names like Nike and Unilever to deliver incredible results with their inbound marketing formula. Focusing on lead generation and automation, they argue that growth hacking is “really a mindset rather than a toolkit”.

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Works With: Late stage startups and B2B

Tag Line: “We grow your business”

Who They Are: Rocket fuel for growth… at least, that’s what their rocketship logo would indicate. Rockboost approaches growth marketing holistically, combining principles from growth hacking, agile and scrum. They primarily work with late stage clients looking to scale, and can help with everything from strategy and software implementation to training a marketing team.

Location: New York City, NY

Works With: Well funded startups ready to scale

Tag Line: “We are your competitive edge”

Who They Are: One of the best-known growth marketing agencies out there. Woodridge Growth focuses on working with startups that have already proven themselves and are ready to scale. They’ve worked with more than one unicorn – think Jet.com and FanDuel. Their experience means they’ve fine-tuned a growth hacking process that’s been proven time and time again and focuses on funnel optimization and multi-channel acquisition.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Works With: eCommerce and B2C

Tag Line: “We design custom growth processes for your organization.”

Who They Are: Growth Architects. Bammboo offers a special alchemy of design thinking, lean startup methodology and growth hacking to catalyse growth in both large and small companies. They also offer “Growth Sprints”, wherein they partner with an existing marketing agency for a boot-camp style session of intense testing and optimization.

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Works With: Scaling established SMBs

Tag Line: “We are a digital marketing agency that is extremely passionate about marketing and product growth.”

Who They Are: Growth marketers with heart. Our only Canadian growth hacking company on the list, Growth Media only works with companies that “that make a difference in people’s lives”. They focus on the key elements of growth hacking, rapid experimentation and agile product development.

Location: Los Angeles and Seattle

Works With: Big name eCommerce startups and Shark Tank contestants

Tag Line: “The Growth Hacking Consulting Agency”

Who They Are: Hollywood growth hackers. Founded by a “rocket scientist and a silicon valley investment banker,” Raymond Fong and Chad Riddersen, they work primarily with businesses featured on Shark Tank and well known eCommerce startups. They’re the guys behind household names like Dollar Shave Club and Lollaland, and they’re known for out-of-the-box creativity.

Location: London,UK

Works With: Corporate Campaigns

Tag Line: “London’s number one growth hacking agency”

Who They Are: Experienced global growth marketers. TrueUp are Google Partners, and specialize in implementing digital and mobile campaigns for known brands. In one case study, they were able to increase mobile engagement by 112% for the hotel chain Westfield Hotels – an impressive feat, given the established notoriety of the brand.

Location: New York City and London

Works With: Pre-seed startups, SMBs and corporate

Tag Line: “Data-driven growth minus the guesswork”

Who They Are: Tactical growth marketers. Ladder works with it’s own proprietary machine learning software to deploy and track campaigns, which means they have an “unfair advantage” over competition. They’ve worked with buzzy names like Facebook, and state that they’re success rate is “300% above industry average”. And thanks to their proprietary software, they’ve got their own “tactical database” with over $30million in performance data.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Works With: eCommerce and SaaS

Tag Line: “We’re growth marketers. We train your team to do what we do.”

Who They Are: Growth marketing professors. After years of success in the growth marketing game, the Growth Marketers at Bell Curve now focus most of their time training others. That includes giving lectures at Y Combinator and Google, and working with their Growth Hacking Guide written by Co-Founder Julian Shapiro. Contact them if you’re looking for high caliber corporate trainings, or need help designing a “Custom Growth Project”.

Location: London and Copenhagen

Works With: SaaS, Gaming and eCommerce

Tag Line: “Marketing for high growth startups”

Who They Are: All-around specialists. Rainmakers is a team of experts from a few different marketing disciplines, including data science, growth hacking and onboarding specialists. They’re quick to note that they’re not just a strategy agency – they’re for executors looking to grow quickly and make an impact. They average an impressive 70% lift in user acquisition after 90 days.

Location: San Francisco, India

Works With: Startups, B2B

Tag Line: “Think. Explore. Experiment. Grow”

What They Do: Take over digital marketing and product development so their clients don’t have to. With a strong background in growth hacking and product development, CEO Manish Tahiliani now heads the Voxturr team to offer their expertise globally. Every member of their team has been a part of the “entrepreneurial journey” at previous startups and larger companies. The insights gained from experience have focused their data-driven approach to growth.

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Works With: eCommerce and Saas

Tag Line: “We are a team of passionate growth hackers whose aim is to help your business achieve continuous, scalable, and sustainable growth.”

Who They Are: Funnel focused growth marketers. Kickass Growth has broken down their formula into five steps, each having to do with optimizing a stage of the sales funnel. And their secret sauce seems to be working; one case study showed a whopping 3,200% increase in website visitors per month, in just 1 year.

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Works With: Established corporations

Tag Line: “Our mission is to be a global one-stop shop for growth solutions”

Who They Are: Full-stack marketers, as they say. That means they don’t just do traditional growth marketing, but take it a step further by consulting on product validation and business strategy. Focusing on corporate clients, The Growth Revolution will step in and partner with existing marketing departments to jumpstart new ideas and quickly validate new products.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Works With: Early stage Saas startups and corporations

Tag Line: “We are your growth partner”

Who They Are: Your temporary Head of Growth. For early stage startups and new corporate projects, We Are Off The Record steps in to help validate ideas, and scale rapidly. They’ve also worked with companies like ING and Philips to train marketing departments in growth hacking tactics.

Location: London, UK

Works With: Tech startups and B2B, B2C and P2P businesses

Tag Line: “Grow your business like nobody’s business”

Who They Are: Tea loving full-stack growth hackers. On their site, Rebelhack notes their love of the british beverage, and their skill as developers and agile marketers. That means they can optimize campaigns at every stage of your funnel, and quickly to optimize. They also offer “modular growth solutions” so you can pick the specific skills your company needs help with to create a custom package that fits your needs.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Works With: Late stage startups

Tag Line: “Social Media Growth Hacking”

Who They Are: Social media pros. Growth Masters works with startups after the beginning stages when product-market fit has been achieved, and startups are looking to grow their social following. An offshoot of the Silicon Valley Growth Agency, they also offer flat fee month-to-month pricing, so businesses know exactly what they’ll need to invest. Past projects include the apps BotList and NomadApp, and Saas startup Ease.

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

Works With: Anyone who needs digital marketing or growth hacking help

Tag Line: “Hire Results-Oriented Marketers”

Who They Are: A collective of growth hackers. One of the newest agencies on the list, WeGrowth is a bit of an anomaly among agencies in that it straddles the line between agency and freelancer platform. That said, it was founded by the same team that founded Kickass Growth, so it’s got some credibility. WeGrowth will match one of their freelance growth hackers to your account, finding the best fit for your specific needs. This presents major advantages for smaller businesses or startups that may just need help with one-off projects, or short term strategies.

Location: Stellenbosch, South Africa

Works With: African startups and B2C’s in the S. African wine industry

Tag Line: “We’re a multiskilled team that uses a range of different tools to test growth strategies for your business.”

Who They Are: Multistage growth hackers. That means they have something to offer no matter where you are in the growth cycle. They’ve become experts at hacking the South African wine industry and focus on boosting startups founded in Africa. And, their blog is a refreshingly frank look at the digital marketing industry in Africa.

There you have it- the best growth hacking agencies in the world, broken down by location and specialty. When choosing the right company to work with, make sure to find a team that’s a perfect fit. They should know how to approach your specific product (is it and Saas startup, or an eCommerce business?) and be able to address your needs in the current growth phase you’re in. Once you find your perfect product- growth hacking agency fit, you’ll be well positioned for exponential growth.


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