21 Experts talk about Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Everyone wants to master social media marketing. But very few actually achieve the desired results from their social media marketing attempts. The majority is stuck around making the basic social media marketing mistakes. Is it easy to learn from these mistakes and reach someplace higher?

People say your social media marketing result depends on how dedicated and consistent you are. But, the most important thing is, are you following the right approach? Because let’s be frank, what’s hard work without knowledge? And it’s not easy to keep up with changing social media trends.

If you’re randomly making attempts to grow your social profiles and reaching nowhere, you have reached the right place now! Marketers often talk about the repeated mistakes businesses are making online. And, they want you to learn. Here in this post, I have collaborated answers from social media marketing experts. All these experts are answering one question:

“What is the biggest mistake businesses make when they start marketing on social media?”

Whether you are a social media marketing newbie or an expert, you must read what they have said. Such invaluable insights! Reading these expert views will make you learn the common mistakes you’re making without realizing.

So, without waiting any longer, let’s dive into the pool of social media marketing mistakes you all have been making. You can thank these marketers personally if any of their views increase your conversion rate.


“The biggest social media marketing mistake businesses make is that they don’t just start and they don’t persevere. They think that they can “start tomorrow” but they can’t. There is an old Chinese proverb which says “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is today”…people just need to start and the MUST do it every day.

Post, reply, share, blog with 3.2bn people in social media there is no excuse not to. We run a small business and yet we manage to write a blog every single day and tweet many times per day…so can you!

And you must keep doing it. You may get a lucky break today…or tomorrow…or next month…or in three months…but that lucky break will come and how quickly that happens will be based on how much you do and how well you do it. There is no substitute for hard work.”

“Posting the same content, in the same format, at the same time on ALL social networks. Inexperienced brands often fail to realize the need to optimize and differentiate their output to suit the different audiences and features of each social platform.”

“The biggest mistake I see businesses make when starting to market on Twitter is that they don’t tweet enough, and it’s not even close. I’ve seen social media calendars (even from agencies handling accounts) that tweet once or twice a day – sometimes only once or twice a week. Huge mistake.

Twitter moves fast and most of your followers will never see any given tweet. In truth, businesses should be tweeting once every few hours or more if they have the content to support it. Now, I imagine some business owners will scoff at that advice, thinking it would take far too much time and effort to tweet that often. And if they were to try to do that manually, I would agree.

However, there are many tools you can use to help you tweet that often without much work. You can set up repeating queues of tweets, automatically tweet blog posts from your favorite websites when they publish new content and use a scheduler to set up the rest of your tweets for the day or week or month beforehand.

Then I advise using a tool (TweetDeck is my preference) to monitor your account once or twice a day to respond to replies and mentions.

Using Twitter in this way can be an easy and effective addition to your social media marketing strategy.”

A better approach is to strive to create value for your social network and concentrate on building relationships, either with fans or with influencers or vendors. Those relationships will be far more worthwhile in the long run.”

2. Adding to the noise. We all feel that pressure to crank out content. But do four uninspired Facebook posts a week really do your brand any good? No. Create content that will make an impact and engage your followers. If you don’t have the time or creativity, consider outsourcing your social media or using an editorial calendar.

3. Spreading yourself too thin. You don’t have to be on Twitter. You don’t have to be on Facebook. What you have to do is not over-commit yourself. Otherwise, you’ll come off looking like you don’t have much of a social media marketing plan at all.

4. Lacking a personality. Every company has a personality, but a lot of them are afraid to show it. Should you let your brand fly its true colors on social media? Well, it depends. The answer is different for each company. Read more about this issue – what I call “transparency” – here.

5. Not converting your followers. “Fans” and advocates give you feel-good vibes; but if they aren’t producing sales, you need to change things up. Selling on social media is a fine art. You have to learn to balance content that people simply “like” with content that asks them to take a step into your sales funnel. This is perhaps one of the bigger challenges many of our clients have faced before coming to BuzzPlant.”

Bob Hutchins (@BobHutchins), Executive Level Marketing Integration Specialist

“The biggest social media marketing mistake I see is that people start spamming or all they do is talk about their business on social media. Social media is about gaining relationships and networking with others.

People don’t want to always see your business info. They want to get to know you as a person too. Share pics of your family, pets, work or fun things you do. On Facebook, you should post 2-3 times a day with only 1 of them being about your business. Remember the 80/20 rules. Only 20% of the business. Other than that you will turn people away from you.

Another thing is help promote other people. Help them get their name out there. Post comments on their posts. Helping others helps yourself.”

“The biggest mistake businesses make when they start marketing on social media. That’s a great question.

1. Talking only about “your business” all the time. That’s the number mistake that I see every day. I did it at one time as well. I more see this problem with network marketers just only promoting their products. Your goal is to build relationships. Give, give, give, and give more. Give your audience reason to interact with you, share your content and visit your website.

2. Choosing too many platforms to promote your business. Choose one or two platforms and master it. Make wise use of your time

3. Not responding to your customers on social media. I feel you should never ignore your customers on social media. Always respond to their comments, questions or issues and promptly resolve any problems. Put your customers first.”

“Most people treat social media communication as a one-way street. Social media for business is about building communities around brand, not (just) advertising. I always advise our clients that social listening is even more important than posting. Don’t talk AT your fans and followers. Talk WITH them.”

“The biggest mistake businesses make when they start marketing on social media is… to do it themselves. Just because some tools are free doesn’t mean they are effective. I’ve run into so many SMBs that tell me, oh my receptionist does it, or my brother in law, or my part-timer on the weekends. They’re not trained to do it well or understand what metrics to focus on, or how to gauge results.”

“The biggest mistake businesses make when they begin marketing on social media is not taking it seriously. Some customers don’t read messages or engage back even after many training sessions. Most hate paying for social media marketing because they do not see a return overnight. As a digital marketer, it is important to explain the entire process step by step up front and define everyone’s role in the process.”

“How about not having a solid business foundation: no real clarity on the target market, their service or product isn’t validated and they haven’t tested their message. They have no strategy and waste so much time, energy and money. How about focusing on lead generation when they have no attention on sales conversion in which case they spend so much more energy to get people in the door but then can’t convert them. Sadly, I see these mistakes time and time again.”

Sonya Stattmann (@sonyastattmann), Success Strategist Sonya Stattmann

“Biggest mistake SMBs on social media is that they use the same strategy for all social marketing platforms. Potential prospects use multiple platforms and once they read your brand’s same message on all channels, they will lose interest in your company, product or services. Having a unique strategy for each platform is the way to go.”

“As with any business initiative, the biggest social media marketing mistake you can make is to not have a strategy before you start. Just like baking, you need a recipe or that beautiful cake you’d planned may just end up being a flat pancake!! Consider:

Who are you targeting?

Who your competitors are?

Who follows your competitors?

The best posting strategy for us is 1/3 give, 1/3 @mention 1/3 sell/promote.

It’s all just trial and error from there on! See what gets the most engagement, and follow that path! And remember to keep an eye on your competitors.”

“Before building your marketing strategy on social media, you have to face a common mistake right at the beginning. Yes, social media is free to use, but if you think it is going to be your cheap cash cow as well, you got it wrong. Apart from a dedicated budget, you will need a dedicated time and resources to develop a community. If you boost your few posts and make huge advertising with nothing behind, you will waste your money!

So, remember those 3 questions:

1.Can I allocate true resources to social media? (Make a list)

2. Can I invest a part of my budget in it? (Be ready to lose it at the beginning to learn)

3. What can I do better on Social Media that I can’t do on my own right now? (Build a community? What for?)”

“They hide! Either their own authenticity or their real identity. Using a cartoon as a profile picture is a big example. People want to do business with people, not cartoons!”

2. Trying to do ALL of them instead of being super present and consistent on 1-2 of them

3. Having NO idea where their clients are

4. Having their kid, nephew, etc. do it just because they seem comfortable with it!”

“Biggest social media marketing mistake businesses make is focusing on the fun of branding without having a solid brand foundation first. Not knowing your brand message, positioning, voice or vibe. So many times service-based entrepreneurs want to worry about a logo, a tagline, or a color palette without having any idea of who it’s supposed to attract and what is the meaning behind the branding.”

“One of the mistakes is spamming in social media. Creating fake profiles for good impressions by fake comments. It’s just a waste of time. Another is buying followers or likes will not help any businesses because they are just numbers, not the people you need. You need Targeted people to follow your business profile.”

“One mistake I see new business owners make is that they spread themselves too thin in a content making spiral and the result is low-quality clutter content that doesn’t add value to their brand or story. It makes more sense to strategically align content with your products and upcoming events and offerings. This takes planning and intention.”

“The biggest mistake they make is believing that just because they start churning out content, the traffic and “sales will follow. It doesn’t work that way.”

“The biggest mistake businesses make is that they start paying too much focus on social media marketing. This affects their sales pipeline as social media is just another way of creating brand awareness, building community and generating leads.”


“The biggest social media mis take you can make is assuming people will naturally share good content. Yes, you will get some natural shares, but you also need to focus on promotion. This means spending money to create ads. In addition, it’s important to make sure to have a unique image that will make the ad stand out in people’s newsfeeds. Use bold, eye-catching colors such as red and orange, which also help create a sense of urgency. In our experience, before and after images – something that shows a transformation or comparison – do well.

It’s also important to research your audience to see which social media platforms they are using the most. All platforms are not created equally. Once you find out where your audience is getting their information, you can tailor your message to that platform. Do not post the same thing across all platforms. This is lazy, and takes away from the personalization of using social media to connect with your audience.”

That’s it! I hope the list helped you in learning the social media marketing mistake that you should avoid.

Before you leave, here’s my last word on social media marketing mistakes businesses make.


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