12 B2B Social Media Marketing Firms To Be On Your Radar In 2018

Social media is one of the most important platforms for businesses to leverage. With the growing size and scope of sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, it’s possible that social media will become the most important content platform for marketing.

The problem for enterprise is that there’s no set-in-stone way to run a successful social media campaign. Most executives know the timeless line from 19th-century business magnate, John Wanamaker that goes: “I know that half of my advertising dollars are wasted…I just don’t know which half.”

Like most advertising, social media platforms are constantly changing, and the target groups are routinely getting exposed to alternatives from successful campaigns. Consumer tastes change, and it can be difficult to pivot and target the right demographic.

Fortunately for enterprises, there are firms that dominate the social spheres and market like rock stars, even in the business-to-business space. Here are the top 12 social media marketing firms for enterprise, along with specialties, for 2018:

A top firm in the New York area, Socialfly focuses on social media and influencer marketing to drive measurable results for brands like Maxim magazine. They have a vast network of social influencers at their disposal, giving them an edge when it comes to creating diverse types of content and reaching niche audiences. Their in-house creative and production studio allows them to produce innovative content for brands in real-time.

A top firm in the New York area founded by Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spritzer, Socialfly focuses on social media and influencer marketing. With a vast network of social influencers and an in-house creative studio, they are able to create impactful content, reach niche audiences and drive measurable results for clients.

Started by well-known entrepreneur and influencer Gary Vaynerchuk, VaynerMedia is a cutting-edge firm that strives to be ahead of all other firms when it comes to innovation. Their work ranges from award-winning YouTube ads to integrating marketing into Alexa and Google’s voice services. Their social-media services play well with other parts of their business including VaynerTalent, which serves a number of enterprise-level personal brands in a new market where C-suite branding has become more important.

From Under Armour to Disney, Movement Strategy has worked with clients to produce content, manage media and engage social communities. They have offices in New York, LA and Denver, giving them prime locations for networking and connecting with influencers.

Laundry Service uses tried-and-true methods that continue to resonate today – with a bit of a spin. They understand that mobile is more important than ever, so they create high-quality content that delivers.

Basing their marketing off search and social, 360i combines their talent and analytical prowess to create effective marketing campaigns. Social media is just a small segment of what they’re capable of, but they’re still as masterful at managing social accounts as anyone.

BigFuel does everything big – especially social. With recent campaigns involving influencers like Kim Kardashian, their standard campaign is meant to make an enormous splash, making sure that whatever brand they’re promoting is gaining large-scale attention.

Ignite Social Media isn’t just a premier marketing firm – they literally created social media marketing. Named the top social media agency of the year across the world, Ignite has been a constant presence in social since they started over 10 years ago.

Edelman Digital is the 800-pound gorilla that is always looking to find out what’s going to be the next best practice in social media marketing. As a result, their campaigns tend to leap off the screen and leave a lasting impression. Look no further than their content which is just about as ambitious as content can get.

From analytics to content, Havas is striving to provide their clients with everything they need to make a strong social impression. Their clients range across the board from alcohol to video gaming. They’re globally based, so you’re bound to run into some of their work online no matter where you live.

Attention Global has proven their commitment to creativity by opening a large new facility specifically for creative minds. These guys have been a presence in SMM for a while, so their methods are always bound to make an impact.

Millennials make up a large part of social platforms, so Blue Bear Creative focuses on targeting millennials with their campaigns. From gathering data to making impressions, millennials are the focus of their work – and they do it well.

Content is king online, and PowerPost creates content that cuts through. They’re always paying attention to breaking news and trends, and they create and edit content faster than your social followers will be able to notice. A string of recent acquisitions shows their dedication to growing in the field, and they aren’t showing signs of slowing down.

Expect a lot out of these social media agencies over the next year. It will be exciting to see how they traverse new platforms as they emerge and leverage any updates to current platforms.

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