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Still haven’t cracked the code on growth hacking? Don’t worry, it’s probably every bit as mysterious to you as the next startup – so don’t get discouraged. While the term has been around for several years now (since 2010 to be exact), the concept has not yet fully been grasped by everyone. Put simply, growth hacking is the ‘art’ of carrying out rapid experiments across marketing channels and product development with one constant goal – growth. Those capable of achieving this growth using both low-cost solutions and more unconventional marketing methods are referred to as ‘growth hackers’. Want to learn more? Stay tuned for our ‘must-read’ growth hacking guides below.

Whether you’re a brand new startup or you’re simply looking to boost your business, we’ve got a great set of resources that will help you move forward.

In this blog, we will take a look at some of the most valuable and informative growth hacking guides out there. These materials touch on different elements ranging from the core fundamentals of growth hacking to various strategies and techniques used by successful startups in the recent past.

Here is our top 10…

1. The Definitive Guide To Growth Hacking


Neil Patel is a famous author, entrepreneur, marketer and blogger who helps companies generate more revenue through digital marketing. Patel together with Bronson Taylor (entrepreneur, startup advisor, author and co-founder of Growth Hacker TV) wrote this eBook on Growth Hacking, which has been downloaded over 440,000 times. Catered towards ‘entrepreneurs, founders, growth leads and anyone else trying to grow a startup’, this guide identifies a list of possible growth strategies packed into 10 chapters and 30,000 words. This is probably considered one of the most trusted resources among marketers for growth hacking. In other words, a great read to start with!

Click here to view this growth hacking guide.

2. The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Growth Hacking

3. 25 Growth Hacking Techniques for your startup

4. Online Course: Growth Hacking Fundamentals

Lynda (from LinkedIn)

Brad Batesole, marketing expert who develops trainings for business networking service LinkedIn, has taken a close look on how to identify and leverage opportunities in the market to grow your business. He discusses high-level concepts necessary to adopt the mindset of a growth hacker and understand the methodology behind it. He has provided an understanding of why growth hacking works, when it doesn’t work, and what steps to take before you get started. This guide will take you beyond the concepts, and take a look at companies who have successfully implemented growth hacking in their marketing efforts.

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5. Seven Techniques to Increase the Growth of Your Business

6. What Is Growth Hacking and How to Use It in Business

7. Common Growth Hacking Myths (And how growth actually works)

8. Growth Hacking Strategies That Work Like Magic

9. How Growth Hacking Is Changing the Way We Treat Everything

10. Growth Hacking: 100 Hacks, Strategies & Techniques

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