 Republic Wireless makes Forbes “100 Most Customer-Centric” list! Our Experts are a large reason why!

I’m going to congratulate no single individual but rather the collaborative efforts of those involved (Republic staff, partners and, of course, my fellow Experts). Recognition as being among America’s most customer-centric companies is a collective achievement most worthy of that.

I encourage folks to click through and read the Forbes article. There are impressive companies besides Republic there (many of whom I and I’m confident others here do business with). Congratulations to them as well both for being recognized and for recognizing the importance of focusing on one’s customers. Sadly, far too many companies fail miserably in that regard. Shockingly, Comcast didn’t make the list. It’s no accident two companies popular among cord cutters (Netflix and Sling) did so.

I’ve always liked to think of Republic’s Expert program as an extension of Community. In my opinion, the Community itself is another example of Republic’s focus on the customer. From its earliest days (which I was not here for), Republic has provided this venue for members to interact with and learn from one another. That said, focusing on the customer also means meeting the customer (or prospective customer) more on their terms and a Community forum isn’t for everyone. Still, it’s more intertwined than one might think. There are instances where I’ve helped the very same members here with one issue and as an Expert with a different issue.

For some, Republic’s approach seems unconventional, however, unconventional can be quite successful. So, once again, kudos to all involved! And, to my friends at Republic, in the Community and my fellow Experts, keep up the great work. Establishing excellence is a challenge. Maintaining it is a bigger challenge. I expect we’re all up for it.


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