Intelligent Marketer Podcast Episode 24: The Future of Marketing Analytics with Melissa Todisco

How do you push yourself to continue to learn?

Do you latch onto the latest buzzword, or do you find new & innovative strategies for your team?

Melissa Todisco is the new VP of Marketing at Concentric. She was drawn to Concentric because they are disruptive. They don’t sit back and wait for others to pave the way in front of them, they are pioneers. Melissa fell in love with telling innovation stories during her time consulting for companies like 3M, and she is looking to tell those same stories at Concentric.

She’s always looking for a better way to measure business success through data and analytics. Concentric allows clients to test their go to market strategy in a simulated environment before they bring it to the public. This includes tactics, pricing, market share strategies, and more.

Melissa joined us for this episode of The Intelligent Marketer to talk about Concentric, forming messaging & teams, and the future of marketing analytics.

VP of Marketing Role at Concentric

Traditional marketing mix analysis takes a long time, and really only answers a handful of questions. Concentric is for companies looking to test and optimize their go-to-market strategy. They grant clients the ability to integrate their existing data into one platform, allowing them to test and forecast outcomes in real time during planning process. This truly is next generation strategic planning.

Melissa measures success in her role at Concentric with one key KPI: driving sales.

“A lot of times, people ask, ‘What are your KPI’s?’ I think that for marketing, there really is one KPI, and that is sales. You’re doing your job to fuel sales.” – Melissa Todisco

At the end of the day, she is asking, “Are we driving leads? Are we driving Sales?” Sure, other metrics are important like conversion rates and website traffic, but she is not going to tout those metrics if she is not helping sales hit their goals.

Melissa knows that quick pitch tactics don’t work. Building engagement in a real and authentic way that is not overly automated or fake will lead to extended success.

Forming Messaging & Teams

It’s not easy to hop into a new role and hit the ground running. Melissa has to have the right infrastructure around her in order to succeed, and she has broken a few of those areas down into some goals that sound simple, but are tough to execute.

Part of Melissa’s role is to get the right messaging to potential clients. She is working on nailing three core tenants in approaching her messaging:

  1. Really knowing the audience
  2. Synching content with the right audience
  3. Promoting content across various channels

At the end of the day, all of her messaging needs to drive one thing: sales for the company! But these three areas involve a continuous refining process of persona work, market research, and exploring new audiences.

Melissa is also in the middle of forming her teams around her. Her three pillars for this are:

  1. Utilizing a Growth Hacking company to handle digital marketing
  2. Hiring a PR agency
  3. Prioritizing Design work for content

“With content, you need to have good design. If you have the best words and it’s not presented in a visual manner, it’s not going to resonate.” – Melissa Todisco

Melissa is a firm believer in making sure you have creative support for the content you’re making. Great words accompanied by terrible design just won’t resonate with your audience!

The Future of Marketing Analytics

Data and analytics are often used interchangeably, but they are not synonyms. Data is raw; like numbers and figures in an excel doc. Analytics, on the other hand, is the synthesization of this data.

Over the years, digital tech companies have created a surplus of data. Each company usually specializes in a certain type of data, but that leaves fragmented tools and no room for synthesizing multiple sets of data. Dashboards can help you visualize all of your data, but not necessarily manipulate it in the manner you need.

“The future is unification of analytics, not the unification of data.” – Melissa Todisco

Concentric helps clients combine their varying data sets into one central platform and this is what allows Concentric to assist in forecasting outcomes in a simulated environment. It’s a unique type of strategic planning, and it is the future of how companies will approach their go to market strategy. It removes a ton of the guesswork along the way.

For example, Concentric had an automotive company as a client who was deciding which feature they would invest heavily in for their next line of vehicles. Analyzing their synthesized data through Concentric’s platform, they were able to make the right decision on which feature to pursue ahead of time. They didn’t waste time on something that wasn’t going to work; they had the answer before customers even saw what could have been! This is the value of what Melissa and her team are doing every day.

Melissa stays inspired by constantly learning about innovation and disruption in the marketplace. She recently finished reading a book called Play Bigger which opened her eyes with stories of companies who had the courage to say “we’re different entirely.” Give it a shot yourself!

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